Ever Used Grammarly?

Watch this shit.

I’m gonna write this bitch without pressing the backspace button and then clean it up in Grammarly.

Imma start pulling back a little bit on my daily Insta fire.

And ramp it up ‘at home’… email, Backstage/Rabbit Hole, my book, etc.

Instagram has been fucking fantastic for me to build my audience, but I feel like now I’ve got enough momentum to back it down there and pour more of myself into the people who are really paying attention.

It’ll be a bit of a weening process, but the plan (as of this drunken moment) is to use Instagram to troll soft-ass yogis, push buttons, and generally fuck with people.

… and then share more of my cool teaching and good shit here.

So you’re in the right place.

Rabbit Hole is going off like crazy. I have hundreds of testimonials of people raving about the shit; it’s absolutely insane.

Kassidy and I knew it was gonna be good… but nothing like this.

“Everyone that didn’t sign up and give you money this time but think they might the next time around didn’t get it.  This thing is a ticking time bomb. In the Rabbit Hole right now are soon to be industry leaders and influencers who will be dictating what the future looks like.  If you didn’t jump in first but still think you’ll do it later, you need to adjust your mindset. It just cost you a lot of opportunity and dollars.” -Jimmy Jacobson

I have fucking hundreds of testimonials, and the price is certainly going to reflect that shit.

It’s closed right now so don’t ask.

The only way in now is through the FOMO Chamber of Doom & Despair… or if and when we decide to re-open the doors.🤷🏻‍♂️

We’re trying to figure out what to do after it’s over.

We were just gonna roll right into another group of folks, but now we’re not sure.

We might just want to keep working with the Allstars we got and help them take it to the next level.

Anyway, here’s some shit you should see:

You’re not really ‘supposed to’ put a bunch of links in an email… but I fucking dominate Insta all day every day, and I know you don’t see it all.

This is the Sexual Surfing David Robson ashtanga adjustment video that Instagram deleted.

This post started some shit. $5 yoga sucks balls. 

Another ashtanga adjustment voiceover with another world-renowned douchebag

And another Jerk Du Soleil voiceover video with one of the mightiest douche kings.

The best response ever to why $5 yoga and cheap classes are stupid as fuck

View this post on Instagram

Re: $5 yoga. // @raeindigoyoga left this comment.

The replay of the IG Live today we did today… it’s fucking great.

FULL DISCLOSURE:  I edited and cleaned this shit up in Grammarly after I wrote it.

But not using backspace is wildly fucking helpful. That button is the god damn devil.

I’ve been fucking slacking like crazy on my writing and this shit cannot fucking stand.


PS – sign up here for Rabbit Hole updates if you want in on this action.

PPS – open my last email for my GDPR notice.

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