Your Shit’s Not Working & You Know It

just pretending. that you just aren’t ready to really blow your stuff up.

and that’s why you haven’t.

She said “I know he says he’s gonna do something, but he never actually do esit. That you even have people ASKING YOU for stuff… but NOPE. She said you’re just too scared to show people the shit you can’t polish up first… that you won’t even do it on Instagram.”

And something about you being too scared to ask for money?

I mean… is she right?

you seriously are more worried about the way your Insta page looks than actually making it do what you want it to do?


Cuz you know damn well that shit you got goin’ on now isn’t working.

And you know that everything I’m telling you to do will work.

You already know. You know I’m right, and that’s why I’m so fucking annoying.

Still, you won’t even take a god damn risk with your FUCKING INSTAGRAM?

Holy shit, what the hell is that?


How in the fuck are you gonna do ANYTHING ever?

Anything real, at least.

It’s legit the safest thing you can do, AND you know it will be good for you,but you can’t get over your self for 5minutes to just do it when you don’t want to?

Damn, that’s some sorry shit.

I feel bad for you.

It’s like you don’t even get it AT ALL. 

Any of it.

I should just end this email right now.

In fact, I am.

Fuck this.


PS – no fucking PS for you. This shit is for creative people only.


It Might Get Strange

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