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shit, my bad

damn. the email I sent you yesterday definitely stirred some shit up… glad you’re still here, {first_name}.

90% of the responses were like “this is the best email you’ve ever sent.”

But I also got this one 😂 and the most Unsubscribes I’ve had in a while.

I thought it was pretty damn sweet, really. All I was saying, in a very roundabout way, was “nothing is wrong with you.”

But hey. Some people just don’t fucking get it. What can I say? (which, btw, there are always a link at the bottom of every email to Unsubscribe. My feelings won’t be hurt if you’re not into it anymore. This shit ain’t for everyone. I get that.)

The day started with me making this video about how you’re never gonna cure your anxiety – and that you may as well just practice getting shit done in spite of it.

There is no cure. You’re screwed. ⠀ #randomtalkingvideo ⠀

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Cuz it ain’t going away.

Missy Williamson left a funny comment like “this is the best guided meditation ever.” Just kidding around because I was ranting about how meditation ain’t gonna solve your problems.

And it gave me an idea.

I should make a legit guided meditation with the same concept… and do it with a meditation voice.

As soon as I saw the comment, I said “yup. that’s a winner. Doing it.”

So I Googled some guided meditation videos to hear what they said – then I got down to business.

It took me about two hours total to:

1. work out the concept

2. listen to dude’s video for inspiration.

3. write a loose script

4. record the audio

5. download the video for the background

6. master my voice track to make it sound more buttery

7. edit and export the video

8. upload the video

9. write the copy

10. Get a bunch of people to watch it.

11. Rip out some testimonials

12. Design some posts/ads

13. Use the testimonials in an advertisement to drive more traffic.

That’s Concept, Strategy, Production, Mastering & Editing, Distribution, Design, Promotion & Advertising.

All in just a couple of hours with my phone and computer.

You don’t even have to be a professional with industry standard software to make hot shit anymore.

There are apps to do ALL OF IT easier, faster, and better than what many professionals spent years in school learning.

All you gotta do is know how to be able to hack things together.

And then have the courage to follow-through and ship it.

I did it as a joke.

And to show everyone who’s been talking about making guided meditation downloads that I did it in a couple of hours.

I’ll show you how I did it pretty soon if you’re interested.

Shit’s super easy.

Here’s the video. It’s on my IGTV.

the most enlightening guided meditation i’ve done in a while. 🙃” @ancagray

“I was so not expecting to smile during this..completely insane and confusing at times. My mind didn’t know what to do!! 🙌🏼 So awesome!!” @alessandraszwako

“On the one hand it’s funny and ridiculous and on the other hand, it’s like actually good. Very awesome and confusing for the mind.” @evacollins

“what everybody is trying to say is that it’s confusing because you mention none of this practice will be enlightening, but then it actually is.” @ancagray again.

“Pure gold! Best thing I have seen all day!” @frominsidethetoadsbelly

“its way less intimidating than other guided meditations because it allows you not to take yourself too seriously…so rather than beating yourself up during a meditation, which I think most people do when they feel they “can’t” meditate, you can have a smile and a little giggle instead 😁” @sarakatheryn

“The guided meditation we actually need!” @lornasana

“Brilliant. Actually loved it. Raw yet powerful.” @atardecerdescalza



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It just might be.

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