I Repeat: Do NOT Feed the Trolls

I failed you. 😔

I was working on a fucking SICK email this morning, listening to my writing playlist on Spotify, having a good ‘ol time – when I made the world’s worst mistake:

☠️ Looking at my GD Instagram notifications. ☠️

I was tagged in a post from someone I’d never heard of before.

Clicked it.

She was fucking trolling me.


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Forgive me @yogasexrockgod, for I have sinned. ⠀ I fed a troll. ⠀ I never should have given her a morsel… but she got under my skin by attacking the people who are making RTVs. ⠀ She’s a coward yoga teacher from the UK who is too afraid to make one and screw with her manicured bullshit feed… so when I saw her talking shit about the people who are making them, I snapped. ⠀ She didn’t even have the courage to talk shit with her own video. She posted a clip from some comedian and a poorly written rant. ⠀ I mean, obviously I clowned her and her weak-ass friends… and I won the battle. ⠀ But she won the war cuz I can’t waste time like that. Especially on someone of such inferior intellect and sex appeal. ⠀ I ignore them every day when they just attack me… but when they go after the people who are fucking trying to get over their shit and post a damn video – I freak the fuck out. ⠀ Gotta do better tomorrow. Cuz they’re surely gonna keep coming… that’s what happens when you’re the shit. ⠀ ⠀

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Rather, she was trolling people who are making RTV’s.

If it were just about me, I would have ignored her like I do 99% of them.

But she’s friends with my friends and some Rabbit Hole peeps. They follow each other ’n stuff.

So I couldn’t let that shit stand.

Well, I suppose I could have… she’s just some irrelevant nobody, after all.

But my pride got the best of me.

And I got into a Comment War with this cockgobbling twatwaffle.

It was dumb.

I know better.

And I kept going back for more.


Anyway, there is nothing of value in this email other than me saying:

“don’t feed fucking trolls… unless you can use them to advance your position or your cause.”

I’ll finish up what I was going to send today, tomorrow.

This shit won’t happen again.


PS – this is Day 23(?) of #30daysofthesefuckingemails, Round 2. THere’s a bunch more at ryanorrico.com

PPS – make sure you’re signed up for The Purge. It’s on Sunday.

PPS – these are dope:

@jssdoidge — I don’t know what’s happened, the more videos I do, the more I have to say, I feel things speeding up, and I am feeling braver and more confident than I have felt probably ever in my entire life, the lows are still incredibly fucking low and I’m snapping out of them quicker because I feel empowered and closer to my vision every time I put myself out there it’s really amazing

@loveyogastudio — Uh.. Yea, don’t fuckin purge me for not rollinoutta bed into a pasty-faced, dirty hair, rambling #rtv! I hear you. I know I’ve been holding myself back. That’s why I’m here. So In the past six weeks, I dove into my 500 things which morphed into the best ugly emails to my astonishingly large email list for a small town in the grass seed capital of the world. My summer promo exploded into a $$$ day from one email and one rtv style post. My first ugly email got over 40 amazing responses, and my open rates jump up every time. I started a podcast, I filmed a 3 part beginner series that goes out this weekend, and I wrote an 8 part series for next month. I get how powerful the rtvs are… if they get to the point. I’m getting there. But Rtvs are only a part of what you’re teaching us … and I’m just gettin started! So don’t purge me.

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