#takeyourownadvice challenge

I have a good feeling this will help. You could try it this week if you’re up for a challenge.

I even made it official – hashtag ‘n everything.

The #takeYourOwnAdviceChallenge.

And seriously, I’m not just trying to be cute here.

When I see something like this, I kinda tune out like 🙄 “yeah yeah, I get it.”

And then go straight back to Instagram to scroll like an asshole.

So how about not doing that and just think about it for a minute:

What do you think would happen if you took your own advice?

Like if you had a conversation with yourself, and you asked for yourself for help on how to proceed given your circumstances, goals, resources, time, etc.

What would that advice look like?

And what would happen if you took it?

Even if it was only for an hour a day. And the rest of the time, you just went back to doing whatever the hell you were doing before.

So tomorrow is Day 1.

Which makes today Day 0.

The first bit of advice i’d recommend you give yourself TODAY, before you start the challenge is to “write dialog for 20 minutes without looking at your phone.”

Dialog between you and yourself.

Sounds a little strange. And it is.

But what the fuck, you’re already having a conversation with yourself all day anyway.

The only difference here is that instead of that conversation taking place in your head, you do it on the page.

So basically, meet yourself at your favorite cafe and write out the conversation. Explain to yourself what’s going on and what you’re trying to get done… and ask for advice.

Then just respond to yourself.


hey {first_name}, what’s happenin? thanks for meeting me. I got you a latte.


no worries, {first_name}. you know I got you. and thanks for the latte. what’s up? how can I help?


I don’t even know. I’m just overwhelmed. I have so many things I want to do and I don’t even know where to begin.


For sure. I get that. Well, what are those things?


There are so many. I can’t even think of all of them right now.


Ahh. I know how the feels. Well let’s just make a list and see what’s on it. Hit me with the first one.


Well I have been sitting on that idea for the coaching program for like 2 years. And I also have an idea for a Podcast. I even bought a microphone to record them. And there’s that…

You get the gist.

It doesn’t have to look all screenplayish. I just did that for effect.

Yes, it sounds fucking weird.

But I’m telling you, it’s one of the best ways to start writing when you feel stuck. Or when you don’t know what the hell to do.

It flows faster when you just have a conversation than when you sit down and try to “write.”

So here’s how the challenge works:

Day 0 / Today: Write dialog for 20 minutes without looking at your phone. 2 characters. You and you.

Ask yourself for advice and write it down.

Drill down into specifics about what actual physical action-steps you should take in real life. And deadlines.

Anything that can be scheduled and put into your calendar, put it into your calendar.

“send email to Peter,”

“call Mary to schedule appointment.”

“do the FRC morning routine first thing”

“post a #randomtalkingvideo every day”

Then for the next 7 days, take your fucking advice.

Chances are if you spend enough time drilling down into specific action-steps you can be taking, and you schedule them – you can take a shitload of your own advice in 30-60 minutes per day.

Day 0: Give yourself advice

Day 1: Take your own advice

Day 2: Take your own advice

Day 3: Take your own advice

Day 4: Take your own advice

Day 5: Take your own advice

Day 6: Take your own advice

Day 7: Take your own advice

Hit me up and let me know if something happens.

Here’s the post on Instagram if you wanna share the shit.



PS – If the conversation with yourself made you realize that there are things you don’t know how to do, and any of those things have to do with marketing or making shit happen with social media – you might wanna take a look at MoneyMoves.

PPS – and if you have an idea you haven’t executed because you feel like someone has already done it better, you’ll dig this video (5m). It’s about why ‘homemade’ products are better than ‘pretty’ ones. And how you can charge more for them.


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