How I Decide What Content To Make

This question comes up all the fucking time, and I just figured fuck it, imma drink some beers and write about it.

(which is one of my writing secrets: get drunk and let ‘em fuckin have it. sometimes.)

“how do you decide what to give away for free and what to sell?”

Here’s a good rule of thumb:

If we’re talking about content and things to post on the internet… to get customers, members, support, students, clients, etc.



Why the fuck are you being so stingy?

You’re not exactly holding on to the cure for cancer or some patent that will keep your family fed for generations… (and if you are, WTF! GIVE IT UP!)

I’m talking about your best shit.

Your most closely guarded secrets and techniques and exercises and methods and tricks and tips.

Give it all away.

Don’t hold a fucking thing back.

Wow them.

Fucking DELIGHT them.

Make them think:

“holy fucking shit, if I get this for free – what do I get when I give Espi some money?!”

The simple fact is this… no matter how good the free shit is, it will never get them as far as you can take them after they do the most important thing:  FUCKING PAY YOU.

The very act of them exchanging money for value is what will create the relationship that you’ll REALLY be able to help.

It’s not about the god damn information.

They have to pay you before the things you’re teaching them will have an appreciable impact.

It’s some nature/physics/universe shit that we can’t control.

You hippie motherfuckers might call it an “energy exchange.”

Whatever you call it – it’s gotta happen.


I’m not suggesting that you give away your time… like, teaching shit tons of free classes and doing client work for no money…. just out of the goodness of your god damn heart.

(although there could also be a reason to do this. I taught my 6AM Burn Yoga class for free FOR A MONTH… just to collect email addresses so that I could promote a membership to that very class. It worked like a motherfucker. But most people fuck this up so I wouldn’t recommend you do it unless you talk to me first.)

I’m talking about content.

And social media.

And emails etc

Give it away, baby.

It forces you to come up with new shit.

And you can stop fucking thinking about it and being all frozen in indecision.

Cuz let’s be real, Espi – you know you’re not doing shit right now because you’re overthinking.

You’re trying to figure out what the fuck to do and sell and create.

Just start pouring it out and see what happens.

Pretend everyone in your Instagram following and email list gave you $10,000.


Here’s what will happen:

Eventually, people will COME TO YOU and ask for your help.

Very different than you trying to sell them like everyone else.

No matter how much you give them, they’re going to need more help to apply it to their own specific circumstances.

You can’t give away too much.

No matter how much I put into these emails… and how much I give away on Instagram… there’s no way I can help you as much as you being closer to me inside Rabbit Hole.

It just isn’t possible.

So there is no fucking reason whatsoever for me to hold back here.

So I don’t.

But here’s what I know:

You’re stuck.

You get fucking unstuck by providing as much god damn value as you can.

Stop trying to determine what’s the best thing to give away.


Show us what the fuck you got.

In fact, hit me back on this email… what’s the best fucking thing you can teach someone?  Teach that shit to me right fucking now.

Click reply.

Teach me some shit.

I’m fucking serious.


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