How (not) to Deal With Shitty Email Subscribers

Holy shit, I can’t stand these people. So the other day I sent out an email telling everyone who hasn’t been opening my shit that I’m going to remove them from the list.

It’s just good practice. You don’t want a bunch of people just sitting on your email list doing nothing.

Gmail and the machines that run the world’s email infrastructure notice shit like that and start to assume that the sender must not be high-quality.

Thereby affecting deliverability and open-rates with the people who really matter.

So you gotta do this stuff. Even though it hurts…

I’m kind of a callous dick when I do it, but ya know… not everyone is like that.

Well, one of my peeps from Rabbit Hole did the same thing.

Check this out.

She sent this:

Hello! My intention is to engage with people on a weekly basis with super honest emails.

Mailchimp keeps track of who opens my emails and who doesn’t.

You’re being unsubscribed from this list because you haven’t opened any of the last five emails.

Unopened emails become junk mail and clutter: clutter builds over time and sucks our energy away from what the more important things in life…and who wants that?

My intention is to create Gratitude and Joy, not clutter.

May you have an incredible day and summer.

And look at this bullshit she got back:

With all due respect, I find this an inappropriate email.

I “have not opened emails” because I work full time and I just completed a 200 RYT. People are busy. The practice of yoga is one of acceptance and non judgement and attachment. While I understand it’s a business (esp in a competitive city like LA), this type of reaction will deter people from practicing or following you.

Just my insight. An observation, not a judgement.



Fucking hell.

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