How to Make Money with a Small Social Media Audience

… if we’re talking about the time it took to write it.

And, fuck, if we’re going by the actual potential value you can pull out of it, it’s worth god damn $50 million. And this is no bullshit.

I got a question in my DMs from this dude, Will.

@willimatic: Broham. How do you gain traction if you have 300 followers? If I start yelling at mofos, I’ll be down to 30 followers in no time, haha.

I figured WTF; I’m gonna answer it like he paid me for consulting – and just send it to you too.

Which, I don’t even do on an hourly basis anymore… but my hourly is $1,100, and it’ll take me at least 90 minutes total over the next couple of days. (Decided half-way through to make it a two-parter)

This is the first, and I’ll send the rest tomorrow.

I’m not gonna hold anything back because it will take me longer to think about what to edit out and shit.

 Some notes before we start: 

If you want magic bullets, I have none for you.

 If you want to do this without annoying people, just go do something else. Reading this email is a waste of your time. Delete it and Unsubscribe at the bottom.

 If you’re unwilling to repel a large number of people to have maximum influence over a few… again, just delete this email and unsubscribe from the list. I have nothing to teach you today, and I won’t have anything to teach you ever.

Go find someone else to blow smoke up your ass.

But if you’re cool with those things, let’s get down to business:

 Fucking Mindset & Face-the-Facts Reality Shit: 

First, let’s define “traction.”

What does that even mean?

Does that mean you want to make money with your Instagram account?

If so, you already have “traction.”

300 Followers is enough to start.

Another question, I would ask would be “how much money?”

But I can’t ask you because you aren’t here… so I’ll just answer for you – very conservatively: $10,000 per month. (this can be a lot less or a lot more… same shit applies.)

Does ‘traction’ mean you want to build a big ‘movement’ around your name or get a bunch of people singing your praises? 

Also a formidable goal, and that will take a little bit longer.

I don’t know how long.

Let’s say conservatively… at least a year.

Maybe three years. Maybe five years?

But what the fuck else are you gonna do? It’s gonna take that long no matter what you do — if you’re being honest.

Same reason that it sucks when you first find out what it really takes to effectively mobilize the body and train it. It’s gonna take a long fucking time.

This ain’t like one of those bullshit “30 Days to a Handstand” programs.

Or “6 Weeks to Nail Your Pigeon.”

If your body requires three years of training to get into the position you want, no 30-Day program is gonna work without fucking a whole bunch of shit up in the process.

You might be able to use a bunch of parlor tricks and compensation to get there… but that shit isn’t real, and you’re breaking things.

This is analogous to lying and bullshitting people with your marketing.

Might work for a little while and you might be able to trick some folks into giving you some money, but eventually, the whole fucking thing is going to crash down.

And you’re gonna feel like shit all the time.

I think it’s safe to assume you want no part of that shit or you wouldn’t even be here.

So let’s just move on.

I’ll go ahead and assume ‘traction’ means both of those things:

1. You want to make money with your Instagram account.

2. And you want to build real influence and a [legit] following of rabid fans… and have a lot of people singing your praises and commenting on your shit and all that fun social media stuff.

The first one, you can do it in less than 60 days.

Hell, you can do it in a week if you want… but let’s be conservative cuz this is a fucking email, and I can’t look at your face to see how serious you are.

So we’ll go with 60 days.

You ain’t gonna make your first million in 60 days, but you can be making some bucks and waking up to more money in your PayPal account than you had when you went to sleep.

The second thing – as we said – it’s gonna take longer.. but the behaviors are the exact fucking same.


Cool… now you have to install some new behaviors into your life…

Here are two things you just do now:

1. Post lots of talking videos. (I don’t care if you call them RTVs or not)

2. Build an email list and send frequent emails. At least twice per week. More is better.

I go into detail about why and how in my How to Inspire The Fuck Out of People class… (it’s free. Be registered here.)

If you’re not willing to do those things… the rest of this shit won’t work. And again, just scroll down and click Unsubscribe on this shit. I WILL NOT BE ABLE TO HELP YOU.



They’re not a fucking social media challenge.

They’re not a fucking marketing campaign you do for a little while and then stop.

They are default fucking behaviors that you just do no matter what.

Just like taking showers, and eating food, and breathing.

Until you fucking die.

You’ll keep doing them even after you make your fucking money and you can hire other people to do them.

Don’t outsource these fucking things.

YOU make the videos.

YOU write the most important communications you send.


If we’re still on the same page, I’ll send you Part Two tomorrow.

If not, get the hell off this list.

Tomorrow will be the “here’s what to do” and “what to talk about” stuff.


PS – hit me with questions if you have some… maybe I can answer them in the email.

PPS – Make sure you’re registered to get the How to ITFOOP downloads. Free AF.

PPPS – seriously though… with $300 followers, you could make money by tomorrow with this $5 video.


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