Read This If You’re Worried About “Annoying” People

SHITFUCK. I was writing this email, and I broke the cardinal rule:


I wasted some time, but at least I got a cool post out of it… and it supports everything in this email.

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This is 100% the result of me posting about 1,000 #randomtalkingvideo’s over the last nine months. ⠀ Not meditation. Or yoga. Or “practicing authenticity.” Or anything else. ⠀ I have always been introverted and shy and socially awkward. ⠀ I use RTV as a vehicle to practice boldness. And confidence. And persuasion. And storytelling. And confrontation. And salesmanship. And being in front of a camera. And a bunch of other things. ⠀ I do and say things that are not comfortable even when I’m not inspired. I go out of my way to make my skin thicker so that when it really matters, I’m ready. ⠀ I’m not selling you a fucking thing either. This shit is free. ⠀ (I’m going to assume he isn’t trolling because it serves my purposes and makes me feel good.) ⠀ #casuallyinspiringthefuckoutofpeople #welcometotheryvolution ⠀

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Here’s my challenge:

Over the next year, post at least 300 talking videos.

And on at least 300 days, write for at least 20 minutes (
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It Might Get Strange

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