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I know that I piss people off… I mean, that’s kinda my job. But I didn’t really expect the stuff I’ve been posting about auditions/interviews to stir it up so much.🤷🏻‍♂️

It started with this.

Then this.

And this.

Basically, I said the whole idea behind the audition is flawed. It gives your power away…  I really liked what Devin said in my comments.

@dk_movement The studio-centered model doesn’t ensure quality teaching (which is one reason they cite for requiring “auditions”). It’s a power play. Don’t let them spin it otherwise. I started in the thick of the studio-centered business, and have seen many, many since—across counties and cultures. Never seen it work in the ways it claims to. Without unhindered and fluid access to outside innovation and information, they create closed communities—inbred, cultish, defective. Teachers are undervalued and stunted, framed as expendable mechanisms in service of the “school” or “method” or “community”. 1) Create more competition and make transparency cool among teachers, 2) refine students’ sense of smell for bullshit: these will elevate practice culture and everyone who is part of it. More teachers would do well to have your attitude.

I reposted that and got more great comments.

and he followed up with another gem. Dude just shuts motherfuckers down, I love it. 🎤👇🏼

…  Thanks for posting this. Seems it rubbed some people in just the right way. People criticize you as an unfair hypocrite (ad hominem and tu quoque fallacies), while the validity and soundness of the argument against the studio-centered model itself remains untouched. When they resort to fallacy, you know you’ve hit the G-spot.

😂 Good fucking times for me, for sure because this is literally why I get out of bed. But not exactly a good look for them.

But here’s the thing about auditions… if your studio uses them to recruit teachers – or you’re a teacher, and you’re kinda stuck where you have to do it…

It’s fine. You do what you gotta do… I mean, pay your bills ‘n shit. But assuming you want to escape that cycle, you also have to be thinking about how to switch up the power dynamic in the future.

You need to be doing things to construct a reputation that precedes you.

A reputation that does the work for you before you even show up…

There’s a lot to this, and I’m going to be talking about it a lot more. It’s important stuff.

For everything. Plus it’s definitely triggering some softies… which is like blood in the fucking water for me. 😍🦈


PS – I reminded everyone on Insta the other day that even though I don’t even talk about yoga anymore, I still have the best yoga page on Instagram.

I stopped teaching my classes a few months ago to focus on this… but I was teaching The Best Yoga Class in The World before I left for my hero’s journey. It’s vinyasish with FRC/mobility stuff.

(I’ve since revealed that I filmed that class because I wanted to show how you could film a class on your phone, have it be not perfect – and kinda awkward, tbh – and still make lots of money selling it to a small audience… now I’m helping other people do similar things.)