My Full Proof Method for Making Money With A Small Social Media Audience

I posted this shit on insta earlier today and I was wondering why you aren’t already doing it?

It’s fucking legit.

It’s my fool-proof method for making money with a small social media audience – even if no one has ever heard of you.

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Ryan Fitz said “You consistently model giving away your best shit for free. This is classic ninth limb stuff.”

Here’s how it works.

You just gotta do two things.

1. Demonstrate that you can help people by actually helping them.

2. Give a shit about them.



Fucking mind blown right?!

Here’s how you do it:

Post really valuable stuff that helps people solve problems.

Movement-related problems, fitness-related problems, nutrition-related problems, money-related problems, beauty-related problems, status-related problems, business-related problems, relationship-related problems, etc.

Smack them across their fucking face with your best god damn techniques and methods and ideas.

And don’t pitch.

Just give away cool shit and respond to people when they comment. (AKA “actually giving a fuck” as opposed to just pretending to give a fuck and ignoring them)

Keep doing that for a while.

Don’t just reply with fucking emojis.

And definitely don’t just Like their damn comment.

Start conversations.

Eventually, you’ll be in a position to get them to pay you for something… and you can take the next step with DMs or emails.

I don’t know how long it will take you to get to that point…

But I do know this:

I could legit take any fucking body who knows how to help someone solve a very specific problem – and do this for like two weeks and they’d make money.

Guaranteed. No doubt in my fucking mind.

If they already have an audience, I wouldn’t even need to spend a dime.

If they don’t have an audience, we’d have to spend a little bit of money to Promote/Boost the content.

I’m definitely not saying this would be easy.

In fact, I’m saying it’s fucking hard.

But as I try to remind myself all fucking day long:  it’s way better that it’s hard because that weeds out 99.9% of the competition.

No one is willing to actually fucking do it.

You are though… right?

I mean, why the hell haven’t you already done this?

It’s not like it’s some groundbreaking shit.

Are you just stuck? or what?

What do you think is stopping you?  Any ideas?

Hit me back. I’m curious. Reply to this email

Maybe I can help.


PS – this is Day 11 of the #30daysofthesefuckingemails. I think. There are a bunch more on

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