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why i changed my class

“why don’t you teach like you used to?”

I get this question all the time.

A lot of people seem to think that I was injured in a yoga class, or that something must have happened to me for me to be steady kicking the shit out of the Ashtanga Gods on Insta.

Nope. I never got hurt in yoga… Nothing weird happened with any teachers – other than them just annoying me like yoga teachers do.

It was definitely the FRC seminar that was the impetus for change… this was just over one year ago. (November 2016)

I really just went to meet Hunter, befriend him, and hopefully become a client. I knew he was going to be there assisting.

It worked. He started training me a month later.

But while I was there, the whole thing just kinda fucked my head up.

So much so, that when I got back to teaching my classes, I realized I was asking people to do stuff that I didn’t fully understand.

I fucking hated it.

I never taught extreme postures or anything ‘dangerous,’ but that’s because I could never do any of them.

So when I think back to the classes I was teaching then – the actual core content isn’t all that much different than what I do now. (except I pretty much scrapped the entire “floor postures” section in lieu of some FRC/Kinstretch training for the hips)

Many of the positions are similar… and so is the overall arc of the class.

I just teach the whole thing very differently.

But when I first started making changes, I made a few huge mistakes… and I really fucked up my business. People left in droves.

Eventually, I course-corrected… but a lot had happened (studio changes etc) and the damage was done.

I’ll tell you more those mistakes later this week.

But no, I was never injured in a yoga class.

Especially not an Ashtanga class… I’ve never even been to an Ashtanga class.

Even without the insane adjustments, it just looks like a random collection of arbitrary exercises… shit never clicked for me. Now, even less so.

If you can’t answer “why?,” I ain’t interested.

(their “why’s” are terrible. I’ve heard them.)



PS – If I had to try and nail it down to one core FRC concept that I could not get out of my god damn head after the seminar:

Pre-requisite Range-of-Motion. I wrote about it a few emails back.

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