Why I Give So Much Shit Away For Free

why do I give away so much free shit?

I get this question ALL OF THE TIME.

And I’m not gonna lie: I’m on a whole new frontier with how much free stuff I’m giving away.

i’m going at least 5000% harder than I ever have before.

But fuck it – it’s working.

Rabbit Hole sold like crazy (it’s closed now).

And my ideas keep getting better and better.

It also helps because I do my best work with people when they’re already moving.

When we can ramp up quickly and get you making more money right away, it’s easier for me to justify higher and higher prices, ya know?

Because why wouldn’t you want to pay me X if you were making Y and Z?

So it serves my business purposes to give away lots of shit that gets people moving… that way, when they ask us to help, they’re already moving, and it’s off-to-the-races.

And that’s been my focus lately:

Giving away lots of simple stuff that helps (and motivates) people to get moving – even if they’re not “inspired.”

And obviously, I focus a lot on the two tools that do the best job:

RTV & E-mail.

They’re fucking perfect because they cut right into the heart of your artist bullshit. And they’re free. And 100% portable.

You’re handcuffed because you’re still sketch about offending or annoying people. You’re overthinking it. You’re not shipping because you’re a perfectionist.

You gotta get over that shit.

Posting the pretty “I think this is what they want to see” stuff is like

“hey guys look at much I polished this fucking turd.💩 it’s so shiny. Congratulate me because I have no idea what to do now… so here’s another turd. TA-DA!”

Fuck that shit.

RTV and Email, baby.

Both of them force you to take up space and get in people’s shit… by their very nature.

And that’s exactly what you need to practice.

It doesn’t even matter if they’re the perfect marketing devices for you right now.

It doesn’t matter if people Unsubscribe. Or Unfollow. Or Unwhateverthefuck.

It doesn’t matter what happens.

This is small-time compared to what you’re gonna be dealing with later if you actually ever achieve the things you want.

You know you’re gonna piss some people off.

That’s what happens when you try to change shit.

Best start getting ready now.

(and yes, if you ever want us to help you, it’s so much more fun if we’re on the same page on Day 1, ya know?)


PS – again, Rabbit Hole is closed. I’m not sure when we’re gonna open it to the public again.

PPS – posted some dope shit on Insta…

Check this out.

I made this video in After Effects with one of those sweet progress bars at the bottom. I see a bunch of really smart people doing it lately, so I’m copying.


I think the idea is that people want to see it to completion… so it’s an extra hook to keep ‘em around til the end.

I dunno what will happen. I’ll let you know if it seems worthwhile.

PPPS – i’m pretty sure this is day 29 of #30daysofthesefuckingemails. You can see more at ryanorrico.com.

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