Why You Have to Have an Enemy

yo not sure if this is your thing, but I’m pretty excited about it – so I’m telling you.

I saw a book mentioned in an Amazon review the other day, and I’m just now coming up for air after tearing through the whole series.

Finished the most recent one this morning.

If you’re into thriller/spy/action type stuff, you gotta check it out.

The first one (Orphan X) came out in 2016 and he’s been publishing one every year since. The one I just finished was released in January of this year.

I heard the author talking about how he came up with the idea for the character.

“You never get to see James Bond go home.”

That we just get to see him being a badass doing badass things: Killing bad guys, charming women, and fucking shit up.

So the character in this book is a James Bond/Jason Bourne type — always finding himself in the most stressful, menacing situations.

But then he goes home and he has to make awkward small talk in the elevator of his condo.

It’s really cool to feel what it would be like to be the best assassin in the world — and be completely clueless when it comes to the mundane.

From that simple concept (“what would happen if we got to see James Bond go home?”), he builds a world that you can’t escape until you find out what happens.

It’s pretty slick stuff.

And every time I get swept up in a new book series, I can’t help but think about what we’re doing with our social media and marketing stuff.

The relationships you form with the characters in your favorite series fiction books are exactly the type you want your Followers/Fans/Customers to form with you.

You want them to wonder what you’re going to do next.

When you haven’t posted in 2 days, you want them to be thinking about youuuuuuuuu.

Worrying about you, even.

“What’s {first_name} up to? Why haven’t they posted? I wonder what happened with that thing they were talking about starting.”

So if you can think of your social media as a super long-form set of series fiction, stretched, and dripped out over a long period of time — you’ll be onto something.

Aaaaand… there has never been a popular series of books published about a character WITHOUT AN ENEMY.

You gotta have an enemy, {first_name}.

And your people need to know who (or what) it is.

MoneyMoves is the playbook for doing all of this. (it’s not going to be available much longer. See the PS.)

And check out the Orphan X series here. You’ll be glad you did. If you like audiobooks, Scott Brick narrates the series. Dude is a beast.


PS – So yeah, we put wayyy too much in MoneyMoves.

We’re getting testimonials every day about how this or that video taught them more than they learned in multi-thousand dollar courses and coaching programs.

“Dude. Money moves is fucking awesome. I’m only on video 7, but that video alone was gold! I finally understand how to use stories in a way that’s purposeful and fascinating versus telling it to just tell it. I’m going to watch that one again more than once for sure. Psyched to dig into the next videos!” -@jennifervagios

So we’re going to strip it down and make a bunch of separate products with the components.

And save the full enchilada for our new private clients to get them up to speed.

The price will go up next week and then it goes into The Vault soon after that.

No sales pitch. Just letting you know what’s happening.

If you’ve been on the fence, now’s the time.



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