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wtf do you do anyways?

heyyyyyyy. I’m curious – what do you say when someone asks you what you do? do you have use the same answer all the time?

dude sent me a DM earlier asking me what I do.

it was right after I posted this screenshot of a text message (from this dude talking about how he’s been stringing a bunch of $1,000 days together.)

I get it. I can see how It can be a little confusing for someone new to my page.

I’m figuring this shit out as I go and it’s definitely uncharted territory for me.

Both with my personality & self-expression – and the “marketing” and promotion that goes along with it.

I’ve gone hard before.

But never this hard.

Not even close.

There’s a whole lot of weird shit going on:

  • I talk about being the best yoga teacher in the world but simultaneously trash yoga and shit all over their Gods. (the people who get it see through this for what it is. Obviously, I saved yoga.)
  • And I talk about marketing and content and personal development type stuff.
  • And I post all these videos of goofy-ass people with no followers talking about random shit. 😂

So yeah, I get it.

It’s blurring the line between marketing & self-promotion with transformation & self-help.

But seriously, {first_name}, don’t ever fucking call me a self-help guy.

Or any kind of “motivational speaker” type shit.

Those things comes with a weird stigma, and I don’t want it.

Although I suppose there’s no way to keep the stank off me completely…🤷🏻‍♂️ but ya know.

But the things I teach and talk about most – the tactical stuff – leans towards marketing and creating digital content.

Rather than pile on new shiny bullshit, though, I’m trying to simplify the whole thing so you can just use the shit you already know.

On the surface (and even deep down), it’s very simple stuff.

Post lots of videos of yourself talking

— to build trust

— to get over your fucking fear of talking/cameras/etc

— and a whole bunch of other shit we’ll talk about at ITFOOP on Friday.

Send “Ugly” Emails Frequently

— to be having a conversation in the best place to get money

— to get over your concerns about annoying people (social media is too easy.)

— and a whole bunch of other shit we’ll talk about at ITFOOP on Friday.

Make A Simple Product and Tell People Why They Should Go Buy It.

— to make a little money

— to temper your perfectionist tendencies and send some shit out

— and a whole bunch of other shit we’ll talk about at ITFOOP on Friday.

I’m not out here trying to tell you:

“oh yeah. you gotta use the new fuckin DickPicsterChat Social Network Funnel and Deploy an 8-Part Social Media Engagement Content Engagement Optimization Algorithm.”

Just use your god damn phone to film yourself talking.  Let people see your “mistakes.”

And then next time, try to do it with a little more confidence and conviction. Or fewer uhms and ‘likes.’

And send a lot emails, without all that fancy newsletter bullshit, to sell an imperfect video that helps the people who can’t come see you in person.

Send it to them BECAUSE you know you can do better and you can’t wait to blow their fucking hair back later.

And because you understand that them seeing you evolve over time is compelling as fuck.

That’s what Inspiring The Fuck Out of People is all about.

Getting shit done consistently and relentlessly.

And evolving before their eyes. It gives them hope.

It’s about shutting the fuck up and pressing send. Even when you’re not motivated.

The class on Friday is like 2/3 full. We’re gonna cap it because capping things makes people sign up. And it’s free so I ain’t missing out on money.


PS – here’s some cool shit from insta:

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