Don’t EVER Call Me a “Self-Help” Guy (but I might be a self-help guy)

heyyyyyyy. I’m curious – what do you say when someone asks you what you do? do you have use the same answer all the time?

dude sent me a DM earlier asking me what I do.

it was right after I posted this screenshot of a text message (from this dude talking about how he’s been stringing a bunch of $1,000 days together.)

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You won’t get these kinda results because you ain’t ready for this kinda action. But it’s possible when you are.

I get it. I can see how It can be a little confusing for someone new to my page.

I’m figuring this shit out as I go and it’s definitely uncharted territory for me.

Both with my personality & self-expression – and the “marketing” and promotion that goes along with it.

I’ve gone hard before.

But never this hard.

Not even close.

There’s a whole lot of weird shit going on: