Wtf happened to your voice?

I know what you’re thinking.

“Social Media is where I connect with people like me.”

Yeah, maybe. But the truth is, Social Media isn’t built for creating a connection.

Maybe it was. Maybe that was the idea.

But when the big guys (namely Facebook & Google) got big and went public and became beholden to shareholders, things changed.

They brought in the world’s best engineers – the ones that built the slot machines in Las Vegas casinos – to figure out how to make the experience more addictive, so people kept coming back.

The Newsfeed.

The Notifications.

The little delay between when the app loads and when the little indicator shows up with how many Likes, Comments and Followers you got since your last refresh.

That shit is all on purpose.

We don’t even know what a ‘Like’ is anymore. We Like shit we Hate all the time.

The more time we spend looking at the screen, the more ads they can show us, and the more money they make.

So they use all of our behavior and content to learn more about our tendencies and then influence us to behave in accordance with whatever makes them more money.

The Pretty Accounts are just the prime example of the machine doing what it’s designed to do.

I don’t even have a problem with the people who run these pages.

They’re just doing what they’ve been trained to do. They’re creating content that feeds their addiction.

Those people aren’t creative. They’re just puppets. Zuck ’n co are pulling their strings and making them dance.

My issue with these accounts is that they are held up as the standard.

The ‘right way’ to use social media.

So we model them because it’s what appears to be ‘working.’

We repress our own creativity, and our voice because those things don’t fit that mold.

And so we conform.

I know enough about people, and marketing, and how the machine works to game it. I could make my Instagram account grow faster. I could make more money if I tweaked my approach.

Probably A LOT more money.

But I don’t want to do that.

Shit’s boring as fuck.

Also, I can’t do a handstand anyway. My shoulder flexion is garbage.


PS – also, I have some new things for you to buy. I think they’ll help you. I’ll tell you about them soon.

PPS – I’m not a conspiracy theorist. And I fucking love social media.


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