You’re Scared

I’m just gonna take your ass to school quick.

You seem like you want to help people ‘n shit, but I dunno. 🤔 You’re still playing scared.

Check this shit out:

There’s a lot of fucking cool things about #randomtalkingvideo. But here’s one of my favorites.

It allows people to see subtle human shit that you can’t even explain or describe with words.

And a few things that you can kinda explain: the facial expressions. And tone of voice, and your eyes, and the way you recover from stumbles, etc.

That shit is super important to earn peoples trust. Those below-the-surface, unconscious, snap judgments.

Way more important than choosing the right fucking hashtags, or making sure the “algorithm” deems what you have to say to be important enough.

Some of those judgments will be positive and bring people closer…

And other people will react negatively.

They might give you shit – or, like, Unfollow you on fuckin’ Instagram (OOOH! Can’t have that now).

Especially when you do them with frequency and unapologetically.

(they might forgive if you explain yourself ’n shit 🙄 and post from your heels.)

But fuck those people, they’re not going to give you any money or actual support anyway.

If you can’t even post a god damn video of you talking for 60 seconds without upsetting them, what the fuck good are they to have around?

I mean, shit.

Even if they have given you money before.

Even if they’re god damn family.

I’m not saying they have to watch you and rah-rah, go {first_name} , go.

But if they leave because they didn’t like that you posted a video of you talking – holy shit, man.

Think about that for a second…

For you to do what you need to do to keep those people from running away (AKA NOT FUCKING SPEAK), you’ll be burning the people who really need to hear what you have to say.

So stop fucking around.

Make the god damn videos.

It’s ten days. You can do anything for ten days.

And there’s even an image you can repost to show your followers what you’re doing – if that makes you feel any better about the situation.

We’ll let you know about prizes soon.

This might be one.


PS – as the buzz around the #RTVchallenge has been building, more people have been asking me about Rabbit Hole.

It’s closed right now.

We were going to do it again right after this round.

But we changed our mind… we’re not going to do that. We’re not sure when were going to do it again – if at all.

So we are going to open it up for 24 hours next Monday… or until 20 more people sign-up. It won’t take long.

If you want us to let you know when that happens, get on the Waiting List here.


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