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your opinion on my logo

HA. Man fuck that shit.

I don’t have a logo.

I don’t even have an official ‘website.’

I have a bunch of landing pages with my stuff… and the new store for our YSRG apparel… and then I publish my emails on (they’re always about 2 weeks behind these)

Not that there’s anything wrong with logos. Or websites. They’re great.

I’ve just been doing fine without them, and I really hadn’t seen much of a reason to have either one.

And you definitely don’t need one to start whatever you want to start.

I much prefer focused landing pages. (we’ll be talking about this in Rabbit Hole)

I can’t tell you how many people I’ve done coaching calls with who were hung up on something because of something like a logo or website.

Fuck all that shit.

You don’t need any of it.

Social media + email + PayPal. Done. Upgrade later.

But if you’re the type of person who just can’t wrap their head around it… if you’re going to have one created… the best thing you can do with it is tell the story about creating it, as you’re creating it.

So, like, the best thing is to not spend any time or money on it all.

The next best thing is to make a show of the process.

Better to let them see you figure out than to pretend you had it figured out all along.

Way cooler.

Rabbit Hole is all about this kind of shit.

It’s about making magic and money with a small social media audience.

The price keeps going up because it’s worth it.

And you should be increasing your prices too.

We’ll also be talking about that.

I wasn’t even gonna tell you about this… but I just cracked a beer for the first time in a while before I started writing this email and I’m gonna do it.

Kassidy and I are working on something called Cash Machine… it’s gonna be a blueprint for getting your investment in the course back right away. Step-by-step kinda shit.


Here’s the deal with pricing.

Tomorrow, both YMTDS and RH go up.

YMTDS will be $225… and it includes RH.
RH stand-alone will be $200.
Sound weird?  It is. But I’m working this shit out in real time.

Tuesday, YMTDS goes up again to $250. I’m not sure what RH will be.

Eventually, RH will likely be $500.

OK cool. Later.


PS – wanna know why the price of YMTDS is going up? I’m getting like a dozen testimonials like this each week.

Hey brah. I’ve been into content marketing for quite some time, managing social media for multiple accounts, some for clients, this one, and my personal (@theroguespirit which is really like my artist page). I’ve always been able to make awesome content, but captions have been a long process of revising technique. Anyway, I had gotten pretty good at it, and then my fiancé @jakezelinger introduced me to you, and we both watched YMTDS.

He’s been having great results, like WOW THIS REALLY WORKS RESULTS, and I started applying it to my work on social media. Of all the advice and marketing bullshit that doesn’t work, YOURS DOES. It’s the missing link in the work that I’m doing, so I’ve decided that we’re just going to buy all your stuff forever and I’m going to filter your emails into my work inbox because they’re a legitimate business tool that outshines even the best courses I’ve seen online.

I’m worth every motherfucking penny. No one else is doing anything like I’m doing… no one else CAN do anything like I’m doing. That’s why I’m not worried about all these little copycat ass mf’ers.

Best to buy it before Noon tomorrow. You’ll get it right away and Rabbit Hole when it opens.


If you don’t love my shit, I’ll give you your stupid money back.