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your shit works

“There are so many people out there who claim their stuff is the shit. And their stuff really isn’t the shit. I get bored with them. I unsubscribe. 

However, you claim you’re going to be a spectacle. You then perform said spectacle. Then you proceed to talk about that spectacle. Almost ad nauseam. 

But here I am. Reading your damn emails and procrastinating by writing this message. 

So clearly your shit works. You’re fascinating.” @skaypolecat

This is fucking rad.

She’s using all the right words… fascination… and spectacle. 👀

I mean – it’s not surprising. This is exactly what people should be feeling.

It’s formulaic. I can do this with anyone, no problem. Doesn’t matter if you think you’re not interesting… if you let me run it and did what I said, you would get results 100% guaranteed.

Most people just waste all of their best shit so their audience never really has a chance to develop this level of fascination with them.

I use it ALL.

I use the stuff most people don’t even think to talk about.

My current favorite storyline is Kassidy the Destroyer.

I could have just “hired an assistant” like a normal person or organization.

Post my ad, do my interviews, maybe even go all-out and make a nice Instagram post welcoming the new person onto the team, etc.

But fuck that… Yoga Sex Rock God hiring someone is a big deal.

So I made it a god damn big deal.

I made the fact that she mind-controlled me a big deal.

And I pulled her up on stage and told everyone to look…

My audience is now paying close attention to her – and us – just to see what happens.

I think a lot of people are interested to know how this young woman from Instagram got my attention… and why I gave her the keys so soon.

I’m asking her to make decisions for me without my input… and handle negotiations, and just get whatever she needs.

Delegating usually just creates massive anxiety for me… I don’t trust a lot of people to get the job done… but she’s making that a whole lot easier for me by doing shit like taking the initiative to start building the funnel for the next Summit of Power… landing pages, email sequences, etc. (in advanced software that she’s never used before… hell, it’s not even available to the public yet (Kartra)).

And she’s simultaneously building the Yoga Sex Rock God apparel business. The online store, managing inventory, and people, etc.

I could tell right away that it felt more right (and WAY MORE EXCITING) to empower the fuck out of her and see what she can do when she’s fully supported.

Rather than wait and make her prove herself or some shit… that sounds really fucking boring – and like it will take way too long to learn anything.

I have decided that as quickly as possible, I want her hiring an assistant for herself. And then I want everything going through her before it gets to me.

She’s flying into LA later this week, so we can get some work done together in person… this will be the first time we’re meeting.


PS – Yoga Marketing That Doesn’t Suck is all about how to do this stuff… engineering fascination.

I’m doubling the price again on Friday. Seriously. It’s way too god damn valuable.

Here’s what Marcus said:

 “YMTDS is fucking beyond.. I bought it last night, smoked a bowl and watched it.

You’re literally breaking down how you take a personality and make it influential.

There’s a pattern to this shit and you’ve figured it out.

It’s like it’s so fucking easy to see, but as soon as you try to focus on it, it disappears. But it’s always right there in the periphery.

Somehow you figured out how to focus on it, take a clear photo, and this course is you explaining to us exactly what the fuck we’re looking at.

I’ve got to watch it a few more times to soak it all in, but I can already tell this shit is legit as fuck. Just had to let you know that, man. Appreciate you putting it out there.”

Get it. Price doubles on Friday. (yes, Again.)