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your ugly

not you’re. but dude fuck putting header graphics at the top of email newsletters.

I don’t even call this a ‘newsletter’ because I feel like then it’s just in the same category with a bunch of other boring ass things.

I’m just sending you an email about some shit that I think is cool.

And so I talk about it like I would with a friend:

“dude i’ll send you an email with the link.”

Not “Sir. I Will Transmit A Hyperlink For The World Wide Web.”

Point being, stop trying to make it some shit it ain’t.

You’re not the {first_name} Street Journal over here. So calm the fuck down…

But even if it were cool… when someone leads with their fancy logo and header thing, our interruption-filter turns on immediately – we tune out marketing without even realizing it.

The same thing applies to social media.

I posted last night to “make your social media uglier to make more money.”

I was inspired to do that because my friend DJ sent me a screenshot of his Email inbox full of “You’ve got money!” PayPal receipts. (this post was more referring to the literal/visual “ugly,” but I also mean ugly like in the dark/shadow/whatever stuff)

He got them after the first time he posted a screenshot of a testimonial for one of his programs on his actual Instagram page. (I like the guy in the comments talking about how he doesn’t need to use ‘Ryan’s cheap marketing tricks” 😂)

About an hour earlier, we were hanging out on a Backstage Pass call talking about it, and he said he had never posted what I would call “ugly” social media things (screenshots of texts/DMs/testimonial stuff) outside of his IG Stories.

But he did it right after we got off our call…

And then shortly after that, he sent me the screenshot.

There’s a lot to this, but what I told him on the call was it’s important for people to be able to see what other people say about you (testimonials/etc), yes… but that it’s also important for people to be able to do those things “with” other people. (IG Stories don’t allow other people to see what other people are doing)

So there needs to be an opportunity to interact with the content alongside other people… comments, Likes, etc.

Those interactions are what make it real.

Insta Stories are nice, and I like them… but they’re different.

I told DJ he should be posting some testimonials on his actual page so people could comment on them…

Or maybe even more important than that – for the 90% of people who will never actually say shit to read other comments… and see how you interact.

This stuff is all important.

I’ll talk more about it soon. (but it’s also in YMTDS.)

Shoutout to DJ. Dude has been straight executing lately.

He bought Yoga Marketing That Doesn’t Suck. (price doubles again soon)

“The next day I got stoned and watched the video again. I finally started grasping the concepts. I was sucked into the story you were telling and loving the technical flaws during the presentation, your honesty, the realness. I saw the principles on the slides being manifested through your presentation. While I had the ‘steps’ written down the day earlier, I had a mindset shift the next day.”

Then he came to the Summit of Power.

“The YSRG was a mystical experience. I don’t know if it was because of the microdose, the amazing group of people in the room, or finding myself inside a dream I had years ago.

Ryan has the special ability to show you the magic by pulling the curtain back, which ironically makes you even more captivated by the trick. It’s like a reverse slight of hand. He throws the cards in your face, and it’s always the card you were thinking of. If iat wasn’t, then you don’t belong in our show.”

Hell yeah. I’ve been a huge fan of this dude for a long time… so it’s really cool for me to see my shit helping him.


PS – we’re increasing the price of Yoga Sex Rock God/dess apparel later today. Kassidy and I are meeting to discuss… then it’s gotta go up to a YSRG-appropriate price point, ya know?

So if you’re getting this early enough, you might still see the original prices.