How To Be Less of A Dick

I can be kind of a dick, I know.

Especially to assholes on the internet:  dangerous ashtanga yoga teachers, loud mouth tools, anonymous trolls, etc., etc.

But holy shit.

If I were half as mean to them as I am to myself all day, every day, I’d be the most hated man on the internet.

There would be no redemption.

And nothing left in my wake.

Dreams, self-esteem, belief – fucking shattered.

All that would remain is a trail of carnage and destruction.

Shiiiiiiit – I gotta give myself some props for still getting shit done.

But it’s holding me back, for sure.

One of the things I miss most about teaching regular yoga classes is those were times that I was almost guaranteed to be out of my head for small bouts… being in the same room with a bunch of other people and paying more attention to their needs worked like a mf’er.

Even doing my own yoga/movement practice doesn’t get me anywhere close to that.

It doesn’t matter if I’m in a class or on my own… I’m still way the fuck in my head most of the time. Worried about how this or that looks… and beating myself up for all of my shitty habits in the past being responsible for the strength and mobility I have now.

I mean, who the fuck am I talking to?  Preaching to the choir, I know.

But yeah, fuck that, I gotta stop doing that shit. At least when I’m doing the most important thing that I do: WRITE.

Constantly hammering myself about how I can’t write for shit while i’m trying to write does not help me write.

I’m being way more conscious of it starting right fucking now.

Even when I get stuck, and the words aren’t coming, and I normally start kicking the shit out of myself.

Not doing it, goddammit.

I’m not Mr. Positive Affirmation guy, so I’m not going to be replacing it with some random ass bullshit I don’t really believe.

But I am paying way more attention.

Just in the course of writing and editing this email, I noticed that I reached my phone wayyy less than I usually do.

Maybe that’s usually how I give myself a break from myself.


Public declarations help me. So that’s what this is.

Maybe you can be a little less of a dick to yourself too?

If you want. Or don’t. IDGAF. I’m not your god damn Dad.


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