You’re Fucked

I would say I hate to break this to you… but we both know I love it.

There’s no cure for that shit you’re trying to fix.

… anxiety, depression, fear, nervousness, confusion, self-doubt, guilt, self-consciousness…

All that shit.

You’re stuck with all of it.



Until you die.

Best to just practice acting anyway and doing stuff with them – rather than trying to get rid of them.

Or waiting until you understand… cuz you’re never gonna understand either.

You can use drugs and alcohol to temper them for a few, and that’s cool… I ain’t mad at either of these things.

Yoga sure as hell ain’t gonna fix it.

Neither will meditation.

Neither will your self-care routine.

Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying to you.

Meditate to practice concentrating so you can get stuff done while these things run in the background… but don’t think for a second that they’re just gonna go away.

If you’d stop wasting your time trying to solve these “problems” and instead just documented your journey with them…

… and show other people how you acted in spite of these things, you just might be able to make something happen.

Better that than try to manufacture some ideal image of yourself to trick people into believing you solved the problem…

Or just dispensing your stupid advice that no one is listening to.

You know that stuff didn’t work for you either. Why you lyin?


PS – I pulled this out of the RTV I just posted. I’m experimenting with all those different looks and headlines and progress bars ‘n such.


PPS – Kassidy and I are working hard on the How to Inspire the Fuck Out of People recording and accompanying materials. You want to be registered here for sure. it ain’t gonna be free for long.


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