how to make pigeon better

I’m just going to assume you read the email from yesterday… it was about the PAILs part of PAILs & RAILs. If you didn’t, I reposted it here… but I’m just going to kind of continue.

I think one of the reasons PAILs & RAILs sound so damn cool is because they rhyme. But you don’t have to do them together always. Or ever… they’re just sweet names for isometric contractions with different directions-of-motion.

So after we’ve done the work of trying to “unrotate” a maximally externally rotated hip (PAILs)… we ramp that contraction down, while trying to keep the rest of the body working hard.

Then we begin the RAILs effort.

Which means we’re trying to use the “regressive” tissue, or the “closing angle” of the body.

Which would like the yellow arrows here,… our hip is already at the end of it’s range of motion, but we’re still gonna ask it to make a little bit more.

Remember this is an isometric contraction, which means there should be no actual movement… we’re just *trying* to create movement. Our hip is already at the end of its range of motion, but we’re still gonna ask it to make a little bit more. (just ASK, not FORCE)

The fact that I had already stretched my hip to it’s TRUE end means that it can’t move. It literally has no range left.

So when I try to actually make more, if I actually can lift my shin and ankle, and there’s visible movement, I wasn’t truly at the *end* of my range-of-motion.

But hey, shit happens. It’s crampy.. and hard… and so weak, so so weak.

It’s like you’re actually is like trying to lift the ankle/shin/knee OFF of the table, while also trying to pull your belly button towards the shin… again, to PROVE to your nervous system that you can control your body in this position.

So you’re not just stretching your hip passively, trying to “open” it – you’re actually trying to create MORE PIGEON without using your shoulders or gravity.

Essentially, you’re trying to CLOSE the body by flexing all that yellow stuff in that pic up there. 👆🏼

This is really hard for me to do, but the idea is the same in that we want to ramp this contraction up slowly – and then hold it steady and strong for 15-20 seconds.

I’ll explain how to put it together tomorrow.

But just think about the concepts. Those things can and should be considered for everything:

There’s an opening angle which we usually just stretch the shit out of… and a “closing angle” which is often weak and out of practice.

I wish someone told me this when I first started caring about movement, and lifting weights, and doing all that stuff.


So basically, this book project is me practicing writing a book that I wish i found a long time ago… to introduce me to the things that have been the most helpful for me.

Legit mobility training, marketing, writing, self-confidence, and deception, and influence, and power, and popularity, and sex, and drugs. Some stories and some teaching.

I’ll def be talking about PAILs and RAILs.

Pre-order that shit for $5.

And fuck yeah I’m going to keep pitching it. That’s what happens when I bring this kind of 🔥 every damn day. I pitch my shit too.

You know you should buy it. It’s five damn dollars.


PS – check out this sweet version of pigeon.

hip mobility stuff that works

I posted a pic on Insta the other day after a session with my mobility coach (Hunter), and a bunch of people sent messages asking about what we were doing.

Sexternal rotation PAILs/RAILs with @hunterfitness

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Truth be told, I have no idea how a written explanation of this work will translate – but I’m going to try. ‍‍♂️

We’re doing PAILs and RAILs for my hip.

Specifically, external rotation of my hip… like in pigeon pose. Same concept, same stretch – just a different orientation the body.

But here’s the gist:

PAILs and RAILs are FRC terms for different techniques within the system. They’re actually nothing new at all… these are just Dr. Spina’s (the creator) terms for different types of isometric contractions.

PAILs is Progressive Angular Isometric Loading
RAILs is Regressive Angular Isometric Loading.

Now that I sound smart…

PAILs is basically USING the tissue you’re stretching.
RAILs is USING the “other stuff.”

I talked about PAILs today. Everyone loved it. RAILs tomorrow and it’ll be even better. Link in my bio.

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So… to use this position as an example. Here’s what we did:

First, I just stretched for a couple of minutes.

Nothing crazy about that… sort of like how you would hold a pigeon pose.

But in this instance, we’re utilizing a stretch to bring my hip to end of it’s range of passive range-of-motion… for a reason…

TO TRAIN THE HIP… not just “stretch.”

And then PAILs means that we’re *using* the stretched tissue in this position. It’s the “progressive” or “opening” angle of the body.

So I’m taking about 15-20 seconds to “ramp up” tension in my body… slowly and steadily… until I get up to my SAFEST, greatest effort. (hence the face)

I’m trying to make every part of my body work so that nothing else moves when I do the targeted work for my hip.

Which is trying to “unrotate” my hip by pushing the ankle/shin/knee into the table.

So I make my entire body, and especially the deepest “hip stuff,” work as hard as possible – meaning SAFELY and under the threshold of pain.

This is how we indicate to our nervous system that it’s a “safe” position for us… by proving that we can actually create force with our body in the position it’s in.

(also one way you can make your passive yoga stretchy stuff more effective… actually do stuff with shit you’re stretching.)

After that 15-20 second PAILs contraction is over… I switch to a RAILs contraction. You might be able to guess what that is…

If PAILs is pushing the ankle, shin, knee down into the table via [mostly] “unrotation” of the hip… AND it’s about training the OPENING (stretched) angle.

RAILs is the opposite of all that. It hurts. It’s so hard.

I’ll explain tomorrow… and how to put the two together.


PS – did this make sense? I want to talk about some of this stuff in my book… because holy shit do i wish someone told me A LONG TIME AGO.

PPS – we do some light PAILs/RAILs work in the video of my class… but it’s NOT a mobility class. It’s just me showing how I introduce some of these FRC/mobility concepts into a vinyasish environment.

Feel free to reply to this email if you have questions. I try to reply to as many as I can… but I do read all of them – and they go straight to my personal Gmail account. 🙂

fuck on the first date

I’m curious – when you tell people how much you cost… how does it usually go?

Are they shocked? Not at all? Are they pleasantly surprised? Do you fucking hate that conversation?

Be it for private yoga, or personal training, or mobility training or online coaching, or whatever.

I’ve had a few calls recently with people who are struggling to close the deal when they quote their “high” hourly fee.

High is in quotes because these people live in all different parts of the world and the numbers are very different, but compared to the norm in the area, they’re high.

We both know there’s much to be said about the very notion of trading time for money.. and there’s usually a better way to package the offer, but it doesn’t matter, what I’m about to tell you still applies.

It applies to everything… to getting paid more money, to getting more opportunities, to getting sex… which I know your thirsty ass wants more of, so don’t front.

By the time you get to the point where you’re having a conversation with someone about them giving you money, that person should feel your reputation enough to know that it’s going to be expensive… maybe not as expensive as it actually is, but it shouldn’t be a complete shock.

Most of the “heavy lifting” on that sale should have been done before that moment.

They should already know that it’s going to be expensive because they’ve seen your work, and heard your story, and heard what other people say about you, and see how many people are trying to get at you, and know how busy you are.

Basically, they should be ready to fuck on the first date. 🍆

They should be excited that it’s expensive because that means it’s probably going to be good too… just because it costs a lot of money.

We all need to be thinking about our reputation more… because that is what actually matters.

It matters more than the actual results you get for them.

Because value is as they define it, not as you define it…

So you could very well be the best teacher or coach or training or therapist in town…

… and you could be changing peoples lives for the better every day…

But if you’re not careful, and all you do is provide great service, they’re not going to stick around very long… and they’re definitely not going to want to give you lots of money just because you’re good at whatever it is you do.

Strange but true.

They need to get, be, and STAY excited about you for other reasons… most of them having absolutely NOTHING to do with the core value you provide.

We’re going to create a “Reputation Profile” at my Feb 3rd Yoga Sex Rock God show… a checklist of YOUR stories, and strategies, and values, and associations, and other sweet mind control stuff.

So when you leave, you’ll have a better understanding how to strategically approach your content to do more of this “heavy lifting” before you have these conversations and they’ll just be DTF.



PS – i’m going to look at one more venue today… then i’m paying for it. so if you’re thinking about coming, it’s February 3rd. 10AM-4PM… and if you pay me before I sign the contract, it’s not as expensive as it will be after. 😘 hit me back and let’s talk about it.

your shoulders would love this

You should be doing this. In the FRC world, it’s called a Passive Range Lift-off. And it’s for making me stronger in that overhead position.

The blocks are set at that height for a reason. Just like everything you do within the FRC system is for a reason.

They’re at that height so that when my arms rest on the dowel, I’m at the end of my range of motion… if we used taller blocks, I would have no problem actually doing it, but I’d be compensating a lot with my lower back. That would be asking for even more than the passive range of motion my shoulders have.

So the blocks have us set at the appropriate height for me. Yours might be higher. Or you might use something smaller. Or you might use nothing at all. I don’t really know. Wherever you feel a little stretch but you’re not arching your back too much. ‍♂️

That’s where the “passive range” part comes from. We’re going to do strength work at the end of my ‘passive’ range of motion. Right where it’s most difficult… where things start to feel a little crampy and out of control.

The ‘lift-off’ is the work. That’s how you signal to your nervous system that are ‘safe’ in that position… by proving that you activate and use your tissues… NOT just stretch and wait until it’s over.

If you were to think of how you might approach this goal (improving overhead/shoulder flexion) from the perspective of yin yoga – you’d probably just sit and stretch for like 5 minutes… and “open up the shoulders.” ‍♂️

Don’t use the wrist weights if it’s your first time. Or second time. Or probably tenth time. I don’’t know… just don’t be a dick is all.

You should watch the video to hear Hunter’s cues… but here’s what’s going on.

He’s asking me to brace my entire body… squeezing everything so that the only thing that moves is what we want to move.

Which is all that upper back and rear shoulder “stuff” — so rather than just “stretch” the front of my body and shoulder to “open” up range of motion… we’re actually trying strengthen the back of the shoulder in this position.

So I’m bracing really hard to “be a statue” as Hunter says… so that when I do that little tiny micro movement of lifting my arms off the dowels, the movement is coming STRICTLY from the rear shoulder stuff.

It’s this tiny little movement, that’s signally to my nervous system that it’s ok for my arms to be in this position… so it doesn’t have to make me feel all “tight.”

Imagine doing this with no wrist weights, and your arms in the same position they’re in when you do handstands.

If you can’t hold the position without your back arching while you’re laying down on the floor… what the hell do you think is going to happen when you do it on your hands… even against the wall.

If you cannot create the position without all the extra load, you are probably doing something wonky WITH all the extra load.

Back off. Make your shoulders work better.. then your handstands will be sweet.

At least, that’s the theory. I can’t do them yet. I still have so much work to do…

But at least now I know what to do… rather than just guessing in yoga.

Or just fucking flinging my body up against the wall and hoping everything works out when I get there. My friend Kristin called it “the ‘ol hop ’n hope.”

Shit is ridiculous.


PS – yeah there are no handstands in my class. I might teach them someday if I ever get good enough at em… but if you want to see how I use some of the FRC stuff in a vinyasish class… hit me back. The video is $20 + a small donation to Lulu’s Locker Rescue. could be $1, $3, $5. Whatever. You can Venmo(ryanorrico) or PayPal me. (

PPS – I am so fucking pumped for my the inaugural Yoga Sex Rock God event. Hannah is coming all the way from the UK, which just put a shitload of pressure on me to deliver even harder. She also said she is going to do my makeup for The Show.

front row @ yoga sex rock god

I’ve decided I want to start selling out auditoriums and going on stage and teaching and cracking jokes. And have other people teaching cool shit about movement and psychology and marketing and sex and love and meditation. And have audience members come on stage and hotseat them and fuck around and have fun. Like Kyle Cease. But different.

But most importantly, having a dude come out before me when it’s all dark like “LADIES AND GENTLEMEN… PUT YOUR HAAAANDS TOGETHERRRR FOR THE YOGA SEX ROCK GOOOOOODDDDDDDDD”

Shit’s gonna be metal as fuck. I’m gonna start working up towards that, and to start the process, I posted this on Insta.

I want to do a live event in January in LA. About influence. And persuasion. And mind control. And manipulation. And deception. And helping people. And momentum. And social proof. And leadership. And money. And stories. And drama. And self-aggrandizement. And “being the change.” And transformation. And sex appeal. And conversation. And power. And self-limits. And perception. And reputation. And rebellion. And speed. And self-esteem. And selling. And seduction. And confidence. And swag. And #randomtalkingvideo. And voodoo email & social marketing. And yoga. And mobility. ⠀ I’m not sure where yet, but I think January 27th Or February 3rd. I want to do something weird for sure… not in a traditional venue. It’ll be like 4-6 hours. And then we’ll go for a hike or to @true_food_kitchen and talk about it. ⠀ You’ll leave with things you can use. ⠀ It won’t be for a lot of people. About half the spots are claimed already… Email me if you want to come.

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I decided. It’s gonna be Saturday, February 3, 2018.

In Los Angeles.

It will be a small group of cool people.

And I’m going to teach you advanced marketing and persuasion stuff… (basically how to control people with media and personality.)

The techniques can 100% be used for good or evil. But, like, use it for good.

I’m also going to send you some additional training before the actual event… just a few short videos and simple assignments so we’re all starting with some common understanding.

On February 3rd, we’ll go back and forth between me teaching you the latest and great – and us working together on creating things that you can use to kick more ass when you leave:

A plan and thought process for how to approach social media and email marketing.. without coming off like a total fucking dickbag.
Some custom checklists for points you want to hit, and stories you want to tell, etc.
Fresh ideas for content and strategy. Maybe even stuff you can actually publish while you’re there. ‍♂️ that would be sweet.
Basically, it’ll be fucking awesome, and I have no choice but to bring the god damn thunder because I want you to give me a sick #randomtalkingvideo testimonial so I can triple the price – and travel the world first-class.

It will take us somewhere between 4 and 6 hours, and afterward, maybe we’ll go somewhere chill and eat and we can talk a little more.

Commit now and make plans to be in LA on February 3rd, and it’s ___. (respond to this email and I’ll tell you. )

I have a few places in mind, but if you wait until I lock it up, the price will have definitely have increased. It will be AT LEAST $500.

In any case… hit me back if you want to do this now.

I just don’t want to make a stupid web page. Just trust that I’ll fuck your shit up because I’m a god damn savage like that and get to LA.


PS – I know this is weird so I extend you this guarantee: if your brain isn’t absolutely melted, I don’t want your money and I’ll give it back to you right there.

PPS – the price is absolutely going to go up and it’s absolutely going to sell out. probably even before I officially announce it next month. Don’t sleep on this.

fascinated with you

‍♂️ you might not like this, but IDGAF. I think it’s awesome.

I actually posted it on Insta yesterday, but without much commentary. I think there’s a fantastic lesson here. It comes from one of my personal gurus, Matthew McConaughey’s character “Dallas” from the 2012 blockbuster Magic Mike.

“You are the man.
On the stage. Thousands of women.
Eyes on you. You are their vision.
So, what do you do?
You don’t just fucking throw your clothes off.
You fucking make it count, baby.
You walk out. You own it.
You look around. You tease.
You seduce.
Clock eyes,
but don’t lock in on any of them.
You got to believe that you are inside
every single one of them.
And when the time’s right,
then you’ll know it.
Stick it. That right there
is like hitting the G-spot, every single time.
Now get up there, move around.
You see, baby, you’re not just stripping.
You are fulfilling every woman’s
wildest fantasies. All right?
You are the husband that they never had.
You are that dreamboat guy
that never came along.
You are the one-night stand,
that free fling of a fuck…
…they get to have, tonight, with you on-stage,
still go home to their hubby…
…and not get in trouble…
…because you, baby, you made it legal.
You are the liberation.
Own it. Who’s got the cock?
You do, they don’t.
Get right here. Move slow. Around.
Fucking concentrate.
Round, round, round.
Make this shit count.
Ain’t time for a fucking fag joke
in here, boy. I’m talking about money.
Move around, round, round.
Get the movements. Breathe.
All right. Easy, rattlesnake.
On three, you’re going to stick it.
One, two, three, stick.
That’s the hook, baby.
That’s the fucking hook.
That’s what l’m talking about.
All right?”

-Dallas // Matthew McConaughey // Magic Mike

Hell yeah. There’s more wisdom in that shit than all of Eckhart Tolle’s books combined.

“get right here. move slow, concentrate. get the movements. breathe.”

Most of my audience is now made up of teachers, trainers, therapists, or just other people who help people… so I’m assuming you’re somewhere in this spectrum.

And I know you’re awesome at what you do. And people come to see you and they get results and their life changes and all that. You’re fucking {first_name}, dammit.

But the ones who stick around long enough, and who actually apply what you’re teaching, and develop the habits they need to actually change… there’s a common thread that runs between all of them. That is, they’re “there” for so much more than the service you’re providing, or the information you’re offering, or the thing you’re selling.

There are things about you that they’re *fascinated with* – not just “interested in” – and they want to figure out for themselves…

So I’m trying to help you should figure out what those things are so you can use them to control people’s minds.

If we use Instagram as an example, rather than just talking about the thing you do and teaching more techniques, what story can you share that will deepen the relationship between you and the portion of your audience who you can *really* help? (While, hopefully, driving the rest away. They just get in the way. Psychologically and algorithmically)

What don’t they know about you? What do you think they don’t want to know? Why?

If you’re already conscious of these things and using them, can you turn it up even louder?

Even when I’m talking about the things people follow me “for” (yoga, mobility, etc), I’m merely using them as a vehicle to demonstrate other qualities that are so much more interesting.

If you don’t know what those things are… you should think about it. Or ask. Like I did here.

It’s important.

Because if all you are to your audience is a provider of _______ (yoga/training/mobility/therapy), they are going to go somewhere else as soon as someone more interesting comes along.

It has to be about more than the teaching and core content.

Do you know what your thing is?


PS – Would you come to this? What if I packaged it up, made a weekend module for other Teacher Training programs, and came to you?

PPS – i’m curious if this email made it to your Primary Gmail folder… or? Cuz I definitely pushed it with the language.‍♂️

yoga + mobilityyyyyy

I get at least one or two messages every day from people asking about FRC.

First of all, I don’t make any money talking about it. I’m not affiliated with them in any way.. other than I’m certified in the system, I train with Hunter, and then I went to the Kinstretch seminar earlier this year.

Kinstretch is the “group version” of the FRC principles. (it’s ‘kinetic stretching’ rolled up into a sexy package)

But don’t go if you’re just looking to learn a bunch of cool new exercises. (you will learn some, but if that’s your reason for being there, it’s the wrong one)

Don’t go if you think you’re going to have all of your answers after you leave.

It left me fucking confused as hell.

I had never taught “dangerous” yoga because I’ve never been able to do any of that shit… so I think a lot of yoga teachers must have their whole god damn head blown off when they realize just what they’ve been doing to themselves and their students for the past 5, 10, 20 years.

But – even given that I wasn’t teaching extreme stuff, it still just makes you wonder what the point of it all really is.

Or, at least, what the point of a whole shitload of the most commonly done postures are.

But the “worst”/best part… is the most common-sense thing in the world:

Pre-requisite range-of-motion.

Quick example:

If you walk into a yoga class and you can’t already control your shoulder & scapula when you’re in a plank position (you probably can’t), you sure as fuck won’t be able to do it when your elbows are bent in chaturanga… of course you’re gonna mess your shit up. WTF did you think was gonna happen?

But even before we get to the shoulder… you’re probably don’t even have enough control of your wrists to be in chaturanga either. That’s why they hurt. And don’t even get me started on using the fucking wall as one of the first steps in a progression to a handstand.

Most people can’t even do a “handstand” lying on the god damn floor… so if you can’t create the position you’re asking your body to be in WITHOUT the chaos that comes with putting ALL OF YOUR WEIGHT onto your wrists… of course you’re going to mess your shit up. There is no other way that can go.

This applies up and down the body for basically every damn thing that happens in a yoga class.

If your spine doesn’t segment… what the fuck do you think is happening in all those upward facing dogs? You’re just moving and bending in the same spot you always move and bend in.

If your hip doesn’t work when your leg is straight so you have to hold it up with a strap… and you keep doing it again and again, WTF did you think was gonna happen? Of course you’re going to get hurt.

There are basic things that your body needs to be able to do before it can safely do the things you’re often asking it to do in yoga.. and in CrossFit, and at the gym, and while you run, and while you pedal, and while you walk, etc.

These things are what FRC addresses.

Can you actually control your joints in the positions your creating? Or are you just hanging on passive structures and borrowed time?

I dunno.

I’ll talk more about FRC in other emails.

But prerequisite ROM is a biggie. Definitely one of the common-sense mindblowers that the FRC system is built on… and you should go to a seminar. Just make sure they know I sent you. 🙂


PS – if you want to try my class.. it’s kinda how I’m fusing FRC principles into a “vinyasish” yoga environment. It’s not an FRC/Kinstretch mobility class, but it might give you some good ideas.

I have a video. It’s $20. (+ a late “penalty” donation of at least $1 for @luluslockerrescue. Or $3 or $5.)

You can venmo (ryanorrico) or (

PPS – today is Day 18 of #30daysofthesefuckingemails, but I also put the first seven up on Doing an experiment.

why send emails every day?

I’ve seen it work for too many people to keep ignoring it… the simple fact is: promising and delivering on sending [fucking awesome] daily emails is the SHIT.

It’s going to revolutionize everything I do. (it already is. And I don’t use this word lightly)

I think it’s as powerful as #randomtalkingvideo, but in a different way, for a very different reason.

Email gets you closer to money. And commitment. And registrations. And purchases. And sign-ups. And donations.

This conversation that you and I are having right now…

… even though I’m not going to ask you to buy anything today, it would be much easier to get you to do so here than it would be if you were in your Instagram app… or even Facebook, for that matter.

This is Day 17 of #30daysofthesefuckingemails and my life has already legit changed. I’m actually DOING what I’ve been saying I was going to do for a long time… film a video of my class and sell at least one every day. Most days, it’s more than one. I think it’s a total of about 90 or so now. I don’t even have a website for it.

Even more importantly, the email project is directly responsible for the momentum that helped me create my new core business: voodoo marketing consulting for yoga teachers and my Backstage Pass mastermind group.

But.. even though it’s working for me now, and I’m telling everyone about it, I have a feeling I’ll be alone on this mission for a little while.

Just like I was doing the daily video thing for a while until it started to hook… I’m going to do this until it starts to hook.

But there’s no question that writing these emails is the most challenging content for me to create.

I’ve got a few pages of new notes from rewatching the FRC lectures with fresh eyes… but I don’t know what I’m doing with them yet. You’ll be the first to know. I’ll give some good shit away and probably charge for some others.


PS – I started experimenting with FB Live yesterday. I say some really fucking insightful shit in this thing. (replay link)

PPS – I think there’s a special kind of magic you have with the audience of a live broadcast… and it also makes me really uncomfortable. So I’m going to start doing more of those too.

Yoga Sex Rock God FB Live Rehearsal.

Every day, i'll send you an R-rated email about yoga, mobility, marketing or something else.They're hilarious. And genius. And

Posted by Ryan Orrico Yoga on Tuesday, November 21, 2017

a bad review of my class

I feel a little bit douchey promoting this – so to balance the Universe, I will also share a bad review of my class.

I’m going to go on FB Live at 10AM, the same time as @beachyogagirl does her webinar about Instagram Marketing, and talk about myself until people show up and ask me some questions.

You should stop by and say hi and/or have your mind blown.

It’ll be on my FB page.

Ok, I don’t want to segue. Here’s the review… amidst all the PRAISE, and the ADORATION, and the GLORY… I still get it the other way too. Let’s call her “Mary.” Here’s Mary’s review. It’s so good.

well I don’t know man, I know the reaction should be like: haha, yoga sex rock god- so cheezzzy and fun and over the top!

But I just felt like- zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz- boring and tiresome

I mean yea you look good, all hot in your sweatpants and long hair looking like you don’t give a shit ( but of course you do, we all do) and yes there is some sex going on there, but its just not working at all for me.

It makes me wonder about who the fuck you are – and not in a good way.

If the name was Sex Rock God doing yoga – I would understand it – and I if was drunk one day at class i would try to get inside his pants but this – no – just makes me embarrassed and a bit sick.

so was – who is this person? Is he just a joke? should I unfollow and forget that I ever stepped over his instagram?

But then again I am a sensible lady and thought whatever, its lame and just not much 2017 about that name but hey, if he likes it, wanna be it and get s a lot of attention so be it. “Turn the other cheek old bitch,” I said to myself and now I just ignore the name and skip reading it out.

But if you come to us in __________- we just can´t have that name, but lets talk about that if we ever get there.

So what can I say yoga did teach me to be humble and after all lets face it, I’m too old for Sex Rock Gods anyway these days but lets say they were never really worth it.

take care Ryan, I still like you- I hope you are worth it, haha.

HA. I fucking love this shit.

Come check out the FB Live later. 10AM Pacific time.

I’ll probs share some of the @beachyogagirl story if you’re interested. ‍♂️


PS – if you came here for then dick pic I mentioned on Instagram, you’re out of your god damn mind. But go here and click/tap on the eggplant – or aubergine.

I made this page a couple of years ago because people kept asking me what the eggplant was for.

idea for yoga/FRC

I have an idea.

I’m going to schedule some time to rewatch all of the FRC lecture videos on the member’s site.

And then I’m going to create a series of content where I teach the principles Yoga Sex Rock God style. (read: funny and sexy as fuck)

Probably make some videos that are exclusive to these emails.

Truth be told, the thought of this project already makes me nervous.

I feel confident AF when I just have to make yoga better because yoga is generally just shit. All over the world.

But when it’s straight up mobility advice… me? especially over the internet…

But I know doing it will make me better. And I think I can help you. And do it different than other people.

And soon, I want to make a “Smarter Teaching” component part of the YSRG Backstage Pass program… so our group will be the best god damn yoga teachers in the world. Unfuckingdisputed.

Eventually, you’re going to have to just go to the seminar or hire someone – it’s just worth it.

I’m going to start it soon.

Just wanted to let you know incase you’re waiting for some mobility stuff.

Whatchu think?

For now, here’s another fucking awesome book. It’s huge in the FRC community. You should get it. (you probably already have it, really ‍♂️)


PS – btw, if you do ever go to the seminar.. make sure they know it was me who sent you. when you check out, or when you there and you talk to people. I just want to sew the seed now.

PPS – tomorrow, Tuesday November 21st at 10AM Pacific Time, I’m going to go on FB Live (on my FB page and talk about the same shit I talk about in these emails. I chose that time because these two Instayoga Celebs are doing a webinar about marketing then, and they keep stealing my shit without showing your boy no love… and they’re just kinda annoying.