is this stupid?

Fuck. I posted 12 times so far today on Instagram.

Sound stupid?

Shit made money.

If Insta would let me, I’d straight up charge to access my page god dammit. It’s that god damn good.

But here’s some good free shit for you… better than the nonsense you pay for.

12. how to know if your peeps are fascinated with you.

11. [RTV]: my friend Courtney Rowley is one of the top trial lawyers in the country, and this is her new project @trialbywoman

10. Jenna telling me that I am helping her be more bold and unapologetic (my favorite)

“Finding your page through Hunter has been a catalyst for a mindset shift in me. From someone who struggles with being bold and unapologetic, your way — while I might not agree with everything you say and do — really gets to me in such an inexplicable way. I seriously don’t know how to explain it. And I’ve found other people whose energy I really admire and want around me, like Rachel.”

9. My favorite post of the day

8. [RTV]: It’s not my job to make you feel good about my ideas

7. Sucks to be these people

6. Naked pics aren’t enough

5. [RTV]: Having lots of followers gets in the way

4. [RTV]: Fuck followers, get money

3. Screenshot of my Insta analytics. I lost 18 followers this past week, and my reach is down 21%… bank account up tho. 🤷🏻‍♂️

2. Fucking badass photo of Diane wearing the YSRG tank. Immediately after she posted the pic, she ordered a hoodie and another tank. And Yoga Marketing That Doesn’t Suck. And Rabbit Hole. (she’s obvs my new best friend now.)

1. My also favorite post of the day... from my boy Devin. (dude is a fucking specimen, btw… and so god damn smart.)

“One of your hardest hitting points. This was me two years ago. 20k+ followers and 0 signups for a Thailand retreat. I was so confused, even pissed off at people. I was like, where tf did all those thousands of people go who said like liked my stuff? For months I was convinced Instagram was a waste of my time and everyone on the platform was full of shit. My interactions began reflecting this: I stopped trying to get people to like what I was doing, and started saying whatever I wanted. And looking back on that period, strangely people became more engaged and committed to what I was doing. But I never really put the pieces together; I just had a vague sense I‘d been going about things backward, and the solution would be counterintuitive. Then I came across your shit two months ago. You were not only the first person I’d ever heard articulate this backwardness of Instagram marketing at all, but you also hinted you knew an approach to systematically shift all this. Still unpacking.”

That’s a lot huh?

I wouldn’t be able to get away with it if it wasn’t straight fucking fire.

I do it because I know the more people that I give results to in advance, the more likely they are to sign up for the best shit I’ve ever done:

Rabbit Hole 

It’s all about “how to make money with a small social media audience.”

(quotes because that’s just the chocolate. the medicine is inside.)


PS – Price of Rabbit Hole goes up again on Friday morning when we arrive at the location

PPS – but seriously… stick around if you like my stuff and you’re actually executing. But if you’re just here because you’re too lazy to Unsubscribe – CLICK THE FUCKING LINK AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS SHIT. I only want people who are going to be doing shit. You don’t have to buy today… but don’t just be here like some lame-ass. ❤️


instagram stuff

I post a shit ton of stuff on Instagram.

And yes, it takes a lot of time. But I’ve built a real platform there, and I’m getting a god damn fantastic return on my [time/money] investment…

I’d venture to say far better than most people… even people with 20-30x the followers. Or more. I bet I’m seeing a better return than someone I know with 1,000,000 followers.

But even given that, I wouldn’t just outright recommend people start posting as much as I do.

At least, not just BECAUSE I do it.

You should post as frequently as is necessary to say what you need to say…  (and maybe a little more.)

I think the volume speaks volumes in and of itself, but just volume for volume’s sake would be what I would call “burning the audience.”

Have a reason to do it.

I’m not exactly sure what sort of effect it has on the ‘ol algorithm… but my guess is that it diminishes overall newsfeed “reach” for individual posts…

But as I’ve said… I’m most interested in the small segment of people who frequently browse to MY PAGE and consume MY CONTENT in MY WORLD. Those are the buyers.

I’m less interested in what happens with the mindless scrolling that happens within the Newsfeed.

Of the thousands of people who “see” (scroll past) my posts each day… I’m more interested in the few hundred who actually come and visit my page and get lost there.

In the Rabbit Hole.

I can’t tell you how many dozens of comments and messages and emails I’ve received over the past few months to the effect of

“OMG I was just in the @ryanorrico rabbit hole for the last 2 hours/days.”

That’s what the fuck I’m talking ’bout.

And that’s what the fuck inspired the name of the new Social Media marketing training I’m filming on Friday.

It will be the best thing I’ve ever done. It’s about how to make money with a small social media audience… but it’s also about how to stop fucking around and start making shit happen in your god damn life.

Just like you see me and everyone who follows me doing…


PS – here’s the plan with the price right now… but I reserve the right to change the fuck out of this whenever I want.

It’s $225 now to pre-register for Rabbit Hole
It’s $300 to pre-register for Rabbit Hole AND get YMTDS immediately (this offer goes away very, very soon.)

The price of Rabbit Hole will go up as soon as we arrive at the location on Friday morning.

Then it will go up again when I get a fucking bitchin’ trailer edited next week…

Then it will go up again when I get the first batch of testimonials.

Now’s the time to do this.

This shit will change your god damn life if you let it.

(if you saw YMTDS… RH will look about 1,000,000x better as we have a 3-man film crew and a sick fucking log cabin in the middle of the Palm Desert.)

PPS – seriously, you’re a fucking idiot if you don’t take me up on this. You know I satisfaction is guaranmotherfuckingteed… if you’re not delighted, I’ll give you your money back.

Or yo… just unsubscribe from this shit if you’re never gonna do anything.

Let someone else have your spot.


help with a thing?

I’m taking a break from the daily mind-blow to ask you for some shit…

(not your money. this time.)

So I have this idea to build the biggest and most ridiculous animal sanctuary in the world and let it be a home for any in need… and use my marketing chops and audience to funnel hundreds of millions of dollars into it. And put my Mom’s name the headquarters. And let my sister and her kids run it – if they want.

She cared a lot about foster animals… especially those that aren’t easily adopted. Older black dogs & FIV+ cats, etc.

My initial thoughts are to create whatever sort of organization needs to be created, with whatever the fuck tax status I need, and just start organically letting it turn into whatever it turns into.

Maybe launch new things and raise funds for the organization and disperse them amongst the groups my Mom supported… or if there’s a better way to use it, do that instead.

I don’t really know. That’s what I want help with.

I’m not exactly sure I’m ready to break ground on the fucking behemoth yet… but I should definitely be having this conversation. It’s time.

I feel like I can even do “that” stuff differently too. Fundraising, awareness, non-profit stuff, etc.

And make it fucking cool.

And make other people want to do it too… for whatever they care about.

And probably raise a fucking mountain of cash.

And help lots of animals.

But there’s also this other thing:

She was an ICU nurse at Cook County Hospital in Chicago, but when she wasn’t working, her philosophy was “fuck people. give it to the animals.”

And then she was blitzed by a nasty variant of Ovarian cancer.

She would still say “fuck people, give it to the animals.”

But I want to be involved in awareness or fundraising or whatever the fuck to contribute to the Ovarian/Cancer system. But I don’t know how to do that either.

But this has been sitting on the back burner for a while… kinda thinking “yeah I’ll do that later when I have a lot of money and time.”

So I don’t know what I’m looking for… but if you can/want to help with whatever the fuck it is – can you let me or Kassidy know? (

Basically, I just want to keep doing what I’m doing… and telling people about rad shit… so I want to make this one of the rad shits I tell people about.

So whatever needs to get done to make shit move… that’s what I’m looking for: the mover.

Holla back.


PS – in fact, even just whispers about this project spurred Samantha Faulhaber to auction off a month-long coaching package… to donate all of the funds to this yet-to-be-anything organization.

I didn’t even know she was doing it… so I already have some cash in my PayPal to deposit in the bank account.

PPS – if you want to read my weird shit, has a bunch of my emails.



I never really thought about it like this.. but earlier today, my boy Dj/@strongcamps said “your stuff is like PAILs and RAILs for your mind.”


I’m assuming you know what PAILs and RAILs are, but just in case .. they’re terms to describe mobility training techniques in the Functional Range Conditioning system.

You use PAILs and RAILs [isometric contractions] at the ends of your ranges-of-motion to strengthen those new and unfamiliar positions… essentially you’re challenging the deepest tissues with force from varying angles and signaling to your nervous system that “I got this.”

Which is exactly what I ask you to do with a lot of my marketing techniques… RTV, disclosure, frequent emails, actively repelling people, takeaways, etc.

Shit that takes you to the limits of your comfort zone — then you play and get strong there… so that the next time, it ain’t no thang.

Shit’s so money. And it’s not just the mushrooms talking.

Then one of the early RH adopters Jesse Holguin commented

“…So will 🕳🐇 will be like the Kinstretch of marketing? 🤔”

Dude nailed it.

I hadn’t put it in those terms… but yes.

Rabbit Hole will give you all kinds of end-range techniques and transitions to explore your marketing options.

And i’ll be teaching you the principles to create your own system…

I’m on the tail-end of a test mushroom trip.

And I’m gonna go something else now.

I’ll holler tomorrow. But buy that shit before I jack the price up again. You know it’s coming.


Re: refund

there have been like two refunds for my shit. Both for YMTDS.

both of them in the past week.

Not bad when you consider that damn near 500 people have gone through it… 

And, if you pay any attention to me, I’ve probably posted 200 or more testimonials over the past few months of people raving about how it’s changed their whole damn life… how they’re making money, how they’ve made 30x their investment back, how they’re more confident in daily interactions, how people are treating them differently, how they’re treating themselves differently.

This shit is a total game changer… so a little refund or two ain’t no thang.

But, as my audience grows and more people hear about me… I think some people are buying who aren’t full indoctrinated [yet], just out of pure curiosity…

Anyway, this all went down yesterday and today, and it couldn’t be more perfect:

A woman named Lisa found me on Instagram, got swept up in all the magic… then bought YMTDS a couple of days ago.

She emailed me yesterday, and she was a little disenchanted with it.

I made it a year ago. It’s a recording of a webinar. And there are technical flaws like switching between slides and the video feed of me… and I’m even more awkward than I an now.

This gets in the way for some people… which, I do understand.

Her email basically said: “meh. I know you have good stuff, and there were some gems in YMTDS – but I hope Rabbit Hole is better.”

I responded: “I understand. But look past that annoying shit and try some stuff. Watch what happens.”

Then today, she sent me this email:


I take it back. The knowledge has already been applicable during a client meeting this morning. Turns out I just needed to be in the studio and talking with clients and my partner, and I was feeling the talking points coming up in my mind and then coming out.

Foot in mouth.

Thanks, Yoga Sex Rock Marketing God.

PS– thanks for the push. Now I have to find out what’s next.

This is one of the best possible damn things that could happen.

First of all, this is one of the reasons I’m raising all my prices: because people are now using my stuff to help their clients make more money… even people that have nothing to do with yoga.

And it’s legit the best marketing training on the planet. It’s the most fun, and the most applicable, and the most modern, and the most powerful, and the most authentic.

But besides that… it gives me a PERFECT story to use in the future to sell more of my shit:

Someone bought. Had buyers remorse. Then a day later realized that it actually worked when she applied some of it.

This story will sing like crazy to a skeptic, ya know?

And now that story will go in the vault.

Part of the magic you’ll learn in Rabbit Hole is how to figure out which stories you need for your vault… and how to extract the ones you already got, or engineer the ones you want.

Anyway, here’s the deal:

RH goes up another $25 tomorrow… to $225. We’re filming next Friday… and it’s going to continue to climb until then. And especially after when I start collecting testimonials.

I’m aiming for $1,000-$2,000.

YMTDS+RH is $300… by far the best deal.. and you can get started now because I’ll send you YMTDS right away.

Let me know if I can help.

PS – The cool part about this stuff is that even though it’s magic, I can tell you how to do it for yourself without ruining my tricks…  like a magician who can’t reveal. I can. And will.

Inside Rabbit Hole.

PPS – Dick or Genius?

deleting this video

I’m not sure when the statute of limitations runs out on this shit, and I don’t really need the FBI crashing through my window… so I probs won’t leave this video up for very long – maybe after it gets to 100 views or something.

But someone asked me in the comments of an RTV today about how I got to be doing the stuff I’m doing… like, who the fuck am I to be selling marketing advice?

I talk about it in bits and pieces all the time,… but not really in the full “here’s my story” format outside of my paid products.

So here’s a 10minute clip from the Summit of Power.

I talk about lots of fucked up shit I did – and lots of genius shit I did… and how I became the Yoga Sex Rock God that you see before you.

Here’s what Aubrey said:

“I find the beginning most fascinating as he touches on his “Fear of Girls” & taking people’s credit card info to fund his AOL addiction (‼️)”

😂 I never really thought about it like that… but that’s exactly what I was doing.

Here’s the clip.


We’re hiring the same dude to shoot Rabbit Hole… and two other camera operators. Plus a photographer. Go balls fucking deep, baby. It’s gonna be so good.

Pretty wild to think that I made YMTDS one year ago… just recorded a webinar from my studio apartment.

Now, we rented a sick fucking cabin in the middle of the desert, and I have Kassidy the Destroyer as Chief Operations Officer (COO AF), and a full production crew.

We actually just decided on to add the third camera operator today… guess that means the price has to go up again.



PS – seriously. just do it… Here’s what Lauren said about YMTDS.

“I’m really glad I bought this. I had my doubts but you swayed me somehow, and in two hours I got more out of it than I did the stupid online “business” class for moms  I paid 10x the price for.”

Rabbit Hole is gonna be at least 10,000x better. Price goes up again tomorrow.

And here’s some more about YMTDS… (Rabbit Hole is included, and you get access to YMTDS immediately. So this is still the best deal.

“I am watching it for the third time, now…tons of good stuff in there. Practical and not commonly taught (certainly never taught in Yoga TT). Thank you!”

“I think the biggest thing for me is exposing my personality. I have so many thoughts/ideas/good shit that I want to get across to people; this video has given me clarity about how to go about it in an organised way.“

“I was sucked into the story you were telling and loving the technical flaws during the presentation, your honesty, the realness. I saw the principles on the slides being manifested through your presentation. While I had the “steps” written down the day earlier, I had a mindset shift the next day.”

“I wasn’t sure what I could learn, I was assuming stuff along the lines of “be yourself and how to be original” but really my mind was blown, and I am so hooked. I’m saying that and I’ve paid for huge group programs in online marketing and $5k in a one on one mentorship. So I’m sitting here like WTF? I feel like I got the behind the scenes secret shit that’s really potent and amazing and made me feel sooooo excited about sharing whatever it is I’m teaching, being myself and “marketing myself.””

“Listening to this presentation all day and going back over through it, sparked so many ideas but haven’t conceptualized any of them quite yet. I was nervous spending the money and getting the presentation and it being too advanced for me or not applicable because I don’t have a huge following…….I feel like an idiot. Wasted time being nervous.”


i had a couple of ideas that might help you. The first one I talk about in this RTV… about how to get started with this unpolished style of marketing and self-promotion when you don’t know WTF to do.

And that is just doing what you’re already doing and talking about what you’re already talking about… in a more high-risk environment (RTV). It shows people things that they need to see to trust you… and become fascinated with you. Facial expressions, mistakes, etc.

It doesn’t need to be about extreme disclosure or the crazy shit you see me doing. Not at all.

And then below is an example of a first email to a brand new email list… one that will soon be used to set up a sale of a product that doesn’t yet exist.

Tori (@badatyoga) has already been rockin’ for a while… but as soon as I saw her page last year, I knew I could help her. She had the ‘It’ thing so I also knew it would be easy…

Anyway, she bought my shit. Got some results, joined my Backstage Pass group, and is steady crushing it.

She just started her email list.

And she’s gearing up to sell them some shit like right now.

This is what we’re going to be talking about in Rabbit Hole.

Anyway, here’s Tori’s first email.


It’s funny.

And I’ll tell you who she’s talking about at the bottom.

Did you know I put both my feet behind my head once?

It made me a better person.

Likely way better than any of you.

Hi there, welcome to my new mailing list.

It seriously did only happen once. Despite years of pulling, prodding, cursing and surrendering the foot-behind-head situation happened for me one time- at an Ashtanga workshop in 2011. Though honestly, I can’t take much credit for it.

A visiting teacher- who was super cute and so obviously an expert- tried like hell to get me into full kurmasana (ankles crossed behind head with hands clasped behind the back- picture a butterball turkey, but alive and with better hair). In retrospect, I’m not sure why it was so damn important to him. I remember thinking at the time that maybe it was because I was somehow very special. Like an older/female/not karate version of The Karate Kid. Or maybe he fancied me? Maybe we’d fall in bendy love, and his tender touch would propel me to third series?! Is this what “practice and all things coming” really meant?!?! While I planned our future life together, my hero went to work tying my passive limbs into knots.

Poor teacher. He got both my feet behind my head, but then they sprang apart when he tried to get my hands to clasp behind my back. He’d get my index fingers to hitch together, but that grip would fail the moment he went back to crossing my ankles behind my head. Despite all his cuteness, he couldn’t teach my body a damn thing. I think the whole situation was a little hard on him. I wasn’t really involved in the process. I was like a bystander watching my own body be morphed into the shape of dead poultry. This back and forth went on for an awkwardly long time before he finally conceded defeat and sullenly told me to “Sit and breathe.” Which I did. Marinating in the shame of not being able to look directly at my own butt-hole, and strategizing how I might later win back his approval with wheel pose.

***Side note: It didn’t work. And to add insult to repetitive stress injury, after the workshop I discovered some jerk had stolen my bike seat. There’s nothing scarier than an un-showered, sexually frustrated Ashtangi biking through midday traffic with their rectum (which they have never directly seen) hovering dangerously over the edge of a steel pipe.

It took a couple more years and a couple more injuries for me to give up on Kurma-whats-its-pants and other ‘advanced’ asanas, and Ashtanga altogether soon afterwards. The decision came around the same time I owned up to not being able to get through a practice without taking an extra strength Advil first. Since then, my practice has degraded and progressed to the point of me usually looking way more like a drunken wobbly toddler having a blast than a stoic in-control yogi. This change suits both me and my hamstrings just fine. We’ll talk more about that some other time.

But yeah, back to that feet behind head thing. Should you do it? I dunno. Some people can pull it off it easy-peesy. Some of us cannot. I think the better question to be asking ourselves is, “Is attempting it even necessary in the first place?” If it’s a more definite answer you’re after then I will say this- attempting it because you feel obligated or because someone says you should, no matter how cute they are, is probably not in your best interests. You’re better off to sit and breathe.

First, that’s some funny shit. Just chill. Friendly. Funny. Etc. Not pitchy. Not salesy. Not spammy. Not lame.

Also.. Dude, it was that fucker David Robson. The Ashtanga teacher who does those brutal adjustments that I used to repost all the time. The dude literally never said shit… he got just fucking buried in the comments by hundreds of people and never showed up to defend himself.

Just went on standing on people ‘n shit.

That’s why you don’t want to build an empire on bullshit that you can’t defend.

Not a good place to be.

Much better to let the audience see as much as possible so nothing can come back to bite you later.

We’ll get into this in Rabbit Hole too.

I’m not gonna keep telling you the price will go up and up. And up and up…

Holler back if you have any questions.


PS – this is a fucking excellent:

I’m seeing everything your tribe is doing from the summit of power and all of them are full of life and intellect and magnetism and charisma. I want to get in on it 🤘

Lisa wasn’t at the Summit of Power, but she did the next best thing:

Signed up for Rabbit Hole.

PPS – yes, it will work for you if you don’t know what you’re selling yet.

PPPS – if you’re new here, there are a bunch of these emails on (but it’s always about 2 weeks behind these)

grateful for you

You ever fuck around with gratitude journals?

They’re pretty cool. I get it.

I’ve done it before too… it’s a nice thing to do. 🦋

The real value is that it’s a clear and direct actionable thing to do in actual real-life that help you get ideas moving… because the worst fucking place you can be is frozen and incapacitated. That is fucking DEATH.

And being grateful is a superior position than not… but here’s why I think my shit is dope as fuck.

Essentially, I’m selling marketing and ‘make money’ advice… but the “marketing” and marketing-related activities are just mechanisms for you to take action and move ideas around.

just like thinking about shit you’re grateful for and putting the pen to the page is a mechanism for action.

But gratitude don’t pay dem bills baby!

By using business and marketing ‘metrics’ to guide decisions, you can see what’s working and what’s not working with real-life intel… whether people are responding, or opting in, or buying, or commenting, or whatever.

It gives you something tangible and real-worldy to know if you’re onto something.

So you can feel out the way you’re packaging your ideas…

Which, if you’re in this game to help people is a very important thing… no matter how fucking smart you are, if they don’t take the medicine, you ain’t doing shit.

If people aren’t showing up anymore because you’re too cool for school, that doesn’t exactly help either.

By sharing and failing and getting back up and expressing your opinions – you create reactions.

And those reactions have meaning.

If you think about it like that.. it just might help you get some money/results/whatever…

Man, I lost my train of thought and I don’t want to go back.

But dammit, it’s a good train… basically, I was saying that my shit makes you fucking CONFIDENT.

It makes you fucking certain.

And that’s some real shit.

Watch my RTV from earlier.

I’m not saying to stop gratituding. Keep doing that shit… but you should also consider getting on this rocketship, baby.

We bout to blast off.



PS – not gonna lie… I like making money while I sleep. and it seems like that happens more when I send the emails late. just an experiment. holy fuck does it make a day so much better.

PPS – i’ll teach you how to do that too. Kassidy the Destroyer and I are creating something called Snakeoil. It’s a blueprint for making money in 5 days. You get it with Rabbit Hole.

Price is going up soon. Once I have some testimonials, probs gonna start pushing up towards $2,000. So now’s a good time to get in. Early bitcoin baby. Cheap money.

(I don’t know anything about bitcoin so plz don’t think I give a fuck)


btw it’s not THE rabbit hole. it’s just rabbit hole.

clean. simple. like justin timberlake said about The Facebook.

I’m not going give you a complete breakdown of components because part of the magic is the leap.

you have to just fucking trust… or it’s not going to work.

you have to already kinda know that this is some special shit.

and that it can help you…

or there’s a damn good chance that you’re not gonna do anything when you get inside.

i’m going to ask you to trust me.

which, to be frank, shouldn’t be too motherfucking hard anymore considering i’m absolutely DEMOLISHING IT. Everywhere you look, you see me or my influence.

The scope of this project has already expanded way beyond what I planned.

It’s my Magnum Opus.

If you saw YMTDS, you’re gonna see this like WHAAAA??

I have multiple camera operators, a photographer, a location,.. and like, a plan.😂

We rented a god damn log cabin in the middle of the desert.

I’m flying my righthand in, from Tucson,… Kassidy the Destroy.

Or as I’m going to start calling her “KASHIDY.” (BTW, She’ll be a millionaire before she’s 25. we’re fucking on one.)

I’m also bringing another RTV/Insta beast in to consult on the project: @aubreyderryberry

It’s gonna be so fucking sick, man.

And If everything comes together, I’m going to eat some psilocybin after we shoot the core content.. and just see what comes out.

When all is said and done, this shit is gonna be $500. At least.. maybe $1500.

Who the fuck even knows?  I’m feeling awfully cocky lately.

And if people are going to be using my stuff to help their fucking clients make money… i’m sure as fuck gonna make it expensive.

It’s $200 right now.

The Complete YMTDS+Rabbit Hole package is $225. ($250 tomorrow)

Buy that shit.

You know damn well I don’t want your money if you’re not fucking delighted. I’ll send that shit back to you so fucking fast you won’t even know what happened.


PS – as I was writing this email, I got this email… I’m not gonna say who it is, but it’s money as fuck:

You’re infuriating because you’re right, and you know it and I know it and that pisses me off. I’ve been following your shit for months. Wanting to buy YMTDS and now definitely wanting to eat whatever cookies you’re hiding in the fucking Rabbit Hole. 

But my money shit is a mess right now.  (Why am I telling you this? I. DONT. KNOW. You’re like the vortex of fucking honesty and my face is sucked all the way in.) All the more reason I need/want to buy your stuff. But I left my shitbag ex-husband a year ago and I’m still cleaning up the financial disaster he left in my life and I don’t have $200 to toss in the rabbit hole. Kicking myself for not buying YMTDS when it was $40. (I am living proof that your tactics are effective.)

I’m telling you this because even though I’m not buying your shit (yet) and even though you’re aggressive as FUCK to people on your email list who aren’t buying your shit, I dig what you do and how you do it. And I want to do what you’re doing, but replace all your arrogant, dick comments with words of encouragement and love bombs. Cuz that’s my jam.

Anyway. If you’re still reading this, just wanted to let you know that I think you’re doing fucking cool shit man and I’m so on board. Know there are people who are busting ass to pull together enough money to pay for what you’re offering before you start charging a grand for it.

Keep shining your grumpy, aggressive, bossy-ass light, bro. The world needs more people who aren’t afraid to speak their truth.

PPS – I told her to “just buy the god damn shit.” If she does, i’ll change her fucking life. I started this email to give you some more detail about what’s inside the Rabbit Hole.. but fuck that. Just sign up. You know you want to.

Or unsubscribe from my list… you’re never gonna do shit anyway. Give someone else your spot.


your opinion on my logo

HA. Man fuck that shit.

I don’t have a logo.

I don’t even have an official ‘website.’

I have a bunch of landing pages with my stuff… and the new store for our YSRG apparel… and then I publish my emails on (they’re always about 2 weeks behind these)

Not that there’s anything wrong with logos. Or websites. They’re great.

I’ve just been doing fine without them, and I really hadn’t seen much of a reason to have either one.

And you definitely don’t need one to start whatever you want to start.

I much prefer focused landing pages. (we’ll be talking about this in Rabbit Hole)

I can’t tell you how many people I’ve done coaching calls with who were hung up on something because of something like a logo or website.

Fuck all that shit.

You don’t need any of it.

Social media + email + PayPal. Done. Upgrade later.

But if you’re the type of person who just can’t wrap their head around it… if you’re going to have one created… the best thing you can do with it is tell the story about creating it, as you’re creating it.

So, like, the best thing is to not spend any time or money on it all.

The next best thing is to make a show of the process.

Better to let them see you figure out than to pretend you had it figured out all along.

Way cooler.

Rabbit Hole is all about this kind of shit.

It’s about making magic and money with a small social media audience.

The price keeps going up because it’s worth it.

And you should be increasing your prices too.

We’ll also be talking about that.

I wasn’t even gonna tell you about this… but I just cracked a beer for the first time in a while before I started writing this email and I’m gonna do it.

Kassidy and I are working on something called Cash Machine… it’s gonna be a blueprint for getting your investment in the course back right away. Step-by-step kinda shit.


Here’s the deal with pricing.

Tomorrow, both YMTDS and RH go up.

YMTDS will be $225… and it includes RH.
RH stand-alone will be $200.
Sound weird?  It is. But I’m working this shit out in real time.

Tuesday, YMTDS goes up again to $250. I’m not sure what RH will be.

Eventually, RH will likely be $500.

OK cool. Later.


PS – wanna know why the price of YMTDS is going up? I’m getting like a dozen testimonials like this each week.

Hey brah. I’ve been into content marketing for quite some time, managing social media for multiple accounts, some for clients, this one, and my personal (@theroguespirit which is really like my artist page). I’ve always been able to make awesome content, but captions have been a long process of revising technique. Anyway, I had gotten pretty good at it, and then my fiancé @jakezelinger introduced me to you, and we both watched YMTDS.

He’s been having great results, like WOW THIS REALLY WORKS RESULTS, and I started applying it to my work on social media. Of all the advice and marketing bullshit that doesn’t work, YOURS DOES. It’s the missing link in the work that I’m doing, so I’ve decided that we’re just going to buy all your stuff forever and I’m going to filter your emails into my work inbox because they’re a legitimate business tool that outshines even the best courses I’ve seen online.

I’m worth every motherfucking penny. No one else is doing anything like I’m doing… no one else CAN do anything like I’m doing. That’s why I’m not worried about all these little copycat ass mf’ers.

Best to buy it before Noon tomorrow. You’ll get it right away and Rabbit Hole when it opens.


If you don’t love my shit, I’ll give you your stupid money back.