One of the cool things about these plain text emails is that they just come off like “easy peasy cool joe breezy” – ya know?  Like, when you make a pretty newsletter with graphics and headers… it reeks of desperation and marketing. And effort.

People get uncomfortable when your effort is apparent.

No matter how hard it is, it’s nice when the delivery appears fluid.

This email be like:

(embedding fun images works. as long as the email still has this plain feel.)

So yeah – I sent an email the other day about how I don’t really “love to write” but that I know it’s really good for me… it’s how I’ve made money for the past 15 years. Even when I was a training clients and teaching yoga…

I consider this part to be just as important as the teaching. It IS the teaching.

Check this response I got:

Dude. I DO love to write. AND I’m fucking boss at it. And I have plenty to say. I can do it.  But I don’t yet understand why I should. I don’t know that I have anything to “sell.”

Here’s what I want to make happen: I want to learn how to teach people about functional movement. I want to connect with other people with disability, injury, or chronic illness and help them realize how crazy therapeutic movement is. I wanna shed some fucking reality on the shit show that MS is and simultaneously NOT whinge on about it. I want to help people start to understand how they can take CONTROL over their broken bodies. I wanna use a lot of filthy language while I do it.

I’m down to write emails. But I don’t quite get what the point would be for me. I’m not a teacher (yet). I don’t have a “platform” or even a plan how to transition out of my daily grind career to do this shit that I’d rather do. Plus, who should listen to ME?! I’m no expert, and my life is only HALF about health/disease management/vegetables…

The other half is still about whiskey/cats/getting laid as much as possible while I still have some feeling in my lower half! And it’s becoming about wanting to smoke weed without feeling guilty because it is the ONLY thing that gives me a break from constant neuropathic pain, FFS!

I am NOT a role model, nor do I have any desire to be. What I have is mule-headed iron will and obstinacy that keeps me moving in spite of all the holes in my brain and spinal cord. But I don’t even understand HOW I do it! How am I supposed to teach it to other people?

I think I went a little off the rails there, but I have faith in your ability to figure out what I mean.

So why should I be starting an email list?

Because The Church of Ryantology™ dictates that it’s better to have a receptive audience before you start waving your wares around.

It’s better to have helped them in advance.

It’s better that you’ve already proven to them that you can help them by getting them closer to where they want to go BEFORE you reveal your new whizbang product.

Isn’t it?

Doesn’t this just make intuitive sense to you?

But those aren’t even the best reasons.

The story you get to tell while you develop whatever it is you’re going to sell them IS WAY MORE INTERESTING THAN THE FUCKING THING YOU’RE GOING TO SELL THEM.

Don’t you see it?

Can’t you see me doing it right now?

Right now.

The reason why email and not just social media…

The transactions happen in email… the actual part where the reader takes out their wallet and enters their credit card info. (or logs into PayPal.. having a PayPal option is a really smart idea.)

I’m going to do an online class in January about email marketing.

Yoga Marketing That Doesn’t Suck is NOT that course. (but I will hook you up with a discount if you buy it)

YMTDS is more about knowing WHAT to say to build influence in all of your communication… not just email. It’s my playbook. It’s everything I did to get you to the place where you’re reading these words right now.

This will be more about execution and how-to. It will be for creative/teacher/entrepreneur types who want to do some of this stuff.


PS – Here’s what Caroline said about Yoga Marketing That Doesn’t Suck:

“I re-watched it. It’s so effing good – you NEED to do this training again. It’s a lot of information though..I didn’t really get it the last time..but NOW.🙌🙌🙌

And ..the awkwardness is endearing. Glitches make you even more human.”

When I re-shoot it, it’s going to be at least $200… likely much more.

Get version 1.0 for $50. Watch it. Send me more than one page (but less than two) about what you learned and what you want to do – then we’ll schedule 15 minutes to talk about whatever you want.

You’re insane if you don’t take me up on this.

so damn good

I can’t even type fast enough to keep up with everything I want to say about this.

I’m pasting an email I got this morning below.

She sent me a message a few days ago saying that she was interested in doing some of this [email marketing] stuff… but that she didn’t know what she would talk about.

I asked “what do you like to talk about? how can you help people?

I was hoping she would give me more than just some cookie cutter yoga bullshit.

This is her response:

I had no clue how to answer your question tbh. I really want to pull out the rubies and pearls of my interests…

But my truth is my life as it stands is akin to that night you took a load of coke, fucked your friend’s boyfriend, ended up on some persons bathroom floor realising that shit has got to change and you have one hand on the toilet seat about to stand the fuck up. You know? Call it what u will. Post natal fuckeries, traumatic childhood, yoga identity crisis. Lisa has been burning shit down for a while. I’m ready to build something.

But I’ve also never felt more clear, determined and driven as hell in my life.

I literally do not give a flying fuck. I care about my son, and that is it, ever seen a Brown Bear protect her cubs? That’s my drive and motivation.

Anyhow, that I could not list off happy, cool shit made me sad and frustrated. I even contemplated deleting my IG and running away.


Because my raw material, I don’t know if you could say “excited” rather the things that are overflowing in me are heavy. And who really wants to hear Debbie Downer cry into her gin? No they wantssss filtered-as-fuck ab trophies sipping on a Negroni in Santorini. ‍♀️

This is what I’m into:

I’ll just list them without apology.

1. Womanhood, motherhood, sharing stories of the feminine in a nongranola crunchy way.
2. Rebuilding a life after challenge and hardship, setbacks & knockbacks
3. Sustainable, sensual & nourishing fitness. Energy work, Nei Gong, functional fitness, dance
4. Using nature and solitude to heal. Introverts at the ready.
5. Overcoming stigma in mental health particularly as it relates to depression, sexual abuse and molestation.
6. Sexuality and empowerment cultivating your sexual self.
7. Love, Relationships and Intimacy
8. Race and representing diversity in yoga.
9. Being a single parent with no support network- how to thrive.
10. Community and creating connection to overcome loneliness and isolation.

Help people? I feel people want Gods and Goddesses of enterprise to spin them fairytales of how to….

That’s not me. I’m done preachin and teachin. My days of being a yoga prostitute are so ova!

Me? I’m that dog who goes in the bomb site to make sure a human does not get blown up. I have my life stories. My experiences. The wisdom I’ve learned the hard way from doing things my way, the wrong ways,

All the ways.

I want to be the person that Marylin could have called to stop her killing herself. Martyr complex you may think.

But no not a saviour.

Just a sharer of stories. Because through that process of seeing your truth in another we can start to feel okay.

I CAN help people. BY

1. Watching and learning about my journey to rebuild my fitness as the person outlined above. I’m tired of seeing 40 year old women portrayed in yoga as some Duracell 11-year-old gymnast. A practice that is equally supportive INSIDE as out. Energy work through attention, concentration, is the missing element. For me. NOT for Kino or Radha. Yoga & Fitness is prescriptive – not exhaustive.

2. Stories of inspiration and wisdom. Sharing tools I have used, am discovering to navigate life.

3. How to understand and LOVE people who are struggling with mental health, trauma, shame, childhood injuries.

4. How I use nature to heal.

5. 2018 – Restoring fun and joy to my life. I’m going to enjoy Lisa; you can enjoy Lisa too.

Thing is I’m not expert right, I don’t have the degrees, teacher trainings, study with fancy people who have obsessions with being monkeys. I’ve just got this. Me, my son, my books, my stories, time to practice and train.

So Ryan I don’t know if you watch Peaky Blinders – you really should. – this is my free Christmas tip.

Thanks for listening,

With angst,


❤️❤️❤️❤️ Well that was fucking amazing.


Sign up for god damn Mailchimp. It’s free to start.

When I first started writing this email, I was planning to give you a little more “how-to” stuff in this email, but it’s already too awesome for one day.

I’ll get back tomorrow with ideas for some ways to approach it… and we’ll definitely be talking a lot about qualifications and how they don’t fucking matter at all.

But what do you think…? You gonna try some email marketing in 2018? Do you know that you’re actually interesting as fuck? And all you have to do is stop thinking you need to copy those other fucking clowns…

Would you sign up for Lisa’s email list?

I sure as fuck would. When she has a form somewhere, i’ll send a link out… if she wants. (You see this, Lisa?)


PS – If you’re interested in learning more about “what to say/do” from one of my most premium resources

Yoga Marketing That Doesn’t Suck… It’s a 2-hour video training on high-level, advanced cult-of-personality stuff. It’s about building a loyal following that shows up to your classes, buys your digital products, signs up for your workshops, and happily pays for the privilege to travel the world to hang out with you.

I was planning to sell it for $200, but there were some technical glitches with the recording that I didn’t like… so I let it sit. They don’t affect the actual content… just my own perfectionist tendencies. ‍♂️

But it’s my favorite stuff in the world to teach… and a whole lot of people have been asking me about it. It’s basically a how-to guide for being more popular and influential.

I don’t even have a webpage up for it…

But if you want it, and you’d be willing to let me know what you thought afterwards… you can get it for $50.

But not for long… as soon as I get a few fresh testimonials, I’m jacking that shit up to what it should be.

I’ll send you the video and the slides immediately. They’re ready to go.

PPS – I don’t explicitly say it all of the time… but everything is make is GUARANTEED TO DELIGHT. If it doesn’t overdeliver, I don’t want your money.

your hips aren’t tight btw

This is my third day in a row now talking about mobility training and I’m definitely ready to bring it back to something more sinister…

But I said I’d wrap up the PAILs & RAILs stuff today… So I’m gonna do what I said I was gonna do. And I think a fun way to get us there is to explain how you could introduce the concepts in a yoga class.

Specifically, in pigeon pose… or 90/90 – because I’ve been talking about that hip position for the past couple of days.

But… humor me, yeah? As you read this, try to do it on two separate “tracks.”

So, like, yes – learn about isometrics to improve your mobility…

But also just try to see if you can steal something to make your teaching content – more interesting… if, in fact, you think it’s more interesting to read this conversational style. (it is. obviously.)

So if that’s social media posts, or emails, or whatever.

First thing – lots of paragraph breaks help with cadence – and just guiding your eye down the screen. It’s HUGE.

And maybe you might even be able to hear me saying these words in your mind… especially if you’ve been watching my #randomtalkingvideos. (that’s just one reason you should be making them)

But just by being conversational about the teaching, and adding a little story to it, I can easily make my stuff distinct… because I don’t want to try to “compete” on teaching or content quality. That’s a hard, losing battle with way too many participants.

So yeah… here’s Tuesday’s email about PAILs.
And yesterday’s about RAILs.

(i put those up on my site for you to read, but the rest of the archive is way behind. on purpose.)

As a quick recap… PAILs is contracting the stuff you’re stretching.

RAILs is contracting the other stuff.

So let’s just say you like to do Pigeon Pose in your yoga class… I leave it to you to decide whether that’s the appropriate position – but whatever, if you’re gonna do it – here’s how to make it better.

(quick-note: it doesn’t matter if the front knee is less the 90 degrees or whatever… just get the hip in a position that you feel a little stretch. The back leg can be bent or straight and the hips don’t need to be square. Fuck all that… It’s dumb.)

Also, be up in a more active position on your hands.

If you want to hold the stretch for a few cool.. but you definitely don’t need to lay down like some lazy hippie.

First PAILs… we’d take a breath in and brace our belly… then start to slowly contract muscles in our whole body… the back leg, the shoulders, the lats, the arms…

Then we want to think about using the outer hip “stuff” to push the ankle, shin, and knee down into the mat… so we’re *using* the stuff we were just stretching to “unrotate” the hip.

First a little bit, then gradually a little bit more, until we get to a place that we can hold a strong contraction for 10-20 seconds.

After that, we try to keep the rest of the body working hard, but slowly relax the PAILs.

And then the gross part… same stuff applies where we keep the entire body working hard, but we’re trying to “close” the body now, by attempting to pull the the ankle/shin/knee off the floor (it won’t move) and simultaneously our belly button towards the shin. Kind of.

Basically try to pull yourself into MORE PIGEON.. not just lay down into it.

And the key is after the 10-20 second RAILs contraction is over… you want to hold the new position you just created… that’s the whole point.

So you EARN more range-of-motion by demonstrating control of what you already have and slowly expanding it with training techniques like PAILs and RAILs.

If you try this stuff and it’s just like “WTF” – there’s a chance you’re too deep into the stretch/range.. back out and try again.

It’s probably just that you’re new to it, though, and you wanted to be good at it right away — but when the fuck does that happen?

Let me know if you try any of this stuff, yah?

Now back to some weird mind control shit tomorrow.


PS – I use PAILs/RAILs and other FRC concepts a few times in the video of my class if you want to actually see it in action… you can order it for $20 here.

Or if you pre-order my book for $5 here – the Thank You page will make you an offer for $5 off. 🙂 you choose. Same price.

PPS – if you already ordered the book, and you want the upgrade price for the class – email me back.

how to make pigeon better

I’m just going to assume you read the email from yesterday… it was about the PAILs part of PAILs & RAILs. If you didn’t, I reposted it here… but I’m just going to kind of continue.

I think one of the reasons PAILs & RAILs sound so damn cool is because they rhyme. But you don’t have to do them together always. Or ever… they’re just sweet names for isometric contractions with different directions-of-motion.

So after we’ve done the work of trying to “unrotate” a maximally externally rotated hip (PAILs)… we ramp that contraction down, while trying to keep the rest of the body working hard.

Then we begin the RAILs effort.

Which means we’re trying to use the “regressive” tissue, or the “closing angle” of the body.

Which would like the yellow arrows here,… our hip is already at the end of it’s range of motion, but we’re still gonna ask it to make a little bit more.

Remember this is an isometric contraction, which means there should be no actual movement… we’re just *trying* to create movement. Our hip is already at the end of its range of motion, but we’re still gonna ask it to make a little bit more. (just ASK, not FORCE)

The fact that I had already stretched my hip to it’s TRUE end means that it can’t move. It literally has no range left.

So when I try to actually make more, if I actually can lift my shin and ankle, and there’s visible movement, I wasn’t truly at the *end* of my range-of-motion.

But hey, shit happens. It’s crampy.. and hard… and so weak, so so weak.

It’s like you’re actually is like trying to lift the ankle/shin/knee OFF of the table, while also trying to pull your belly button towards the shin… again, to PROVE to your nervous system that you can control your body in this position.

So you’re not just stretching your hip passively, trying to “open” it – you’re actually trying to create MORE PIGEON without using your shoulders or gravity.

Essentially, you’re trying to CLOSE the body by flexing all that yellow stuff in that pic up there. 👆🏼

This is really hard for me to do, but the idea is the same in that we want to ramp this contraction up slowly – and then hold it steady and strong for 15-20 seconds.

I’ll explain how to put it together tomorrow.

But just think about the concepts. Those things can and should be considered for everything:

There’s an opening angle which we usually just stretch the shit out of… and a “closing angle” which is often weak and out of practice.

I wish someone told me this when I first started caring about movement, and lifting weights, and doing all that stuff.


So basically, this book project is me practicing writing a book that I wish i found a long time ago… to introduce me to the things that have been the most helpful for me.

Legit mobility training, marketing, writing, self-confidence, and deception, and influence, and power, and popularity, and sex, and drugs. Some stories and some teaching.

I’ll def be talking about PAILs and RAILs.

Pre-order that shit for $5.

And fuck yeah I’m going to keep pitching it. That’s what happens when I bring this kind of 🔥 every damn day. I pitch my shit too.

You know you should buy it. It’s five damn dollars.


PS – check out this sweet version of pigeon.

hip mobility stuff that works

I posted a pic on Insta the other day after a session with my mobility coach (Hunter), and a bunch of people sent messages asking about what we were doing.

Sexternal rotation PAILs/RAILs with @hunterfitness

A post shared by Ryan Orrico (@ryanorrico) on

Truth be told, I have no idea how a written explanation of this work will translate – but I’m going to try. ‍‍♂️

We’re doing PAILs and RAILs for my hip.

Specifically, external rotation of my hip… like in pigeon pose. Same concept, same stretch – just a different orientation the body.

But here’s the gist:

PAILs and RAILs are FRC terms for different techniques within the system. They’re actually nothing new at all… these are just Dr. Spina’s (the creator) terms for different types of isometric contractions.

PAILs is Progressive Angular Isometric Loading
RAILs is Regressive Angular Isometric Loading.

Now that I sound smart…

PAILs is basically USING the tissue you’re stretching.
RAILs is USING the “other stuff.”

I talked about PAILs today. Everyone loved it. RAILs tomorrow and it’ll be even better. Link in my bio.

A post shared by Ryan Orrico (@ryanorrico) on

So… to use this position as an example. Here’s what we did:

First, I just stretched for a couple of minutes.

Nothing crazy about that… sort of like how you would hold a pigeon pose.

But in this instance, we’re utilizing a stretch to bring my hip to end of it’s range of passive range-of-motion… for a reason…

TO TRAIN THE HIP… not just “stretch.”

And then PAILs means that we’re *using* the stretched tissue in this position. It’s the “progressive” or “opening” angle of the body.

So I’m taking about 15-20 seconds to “ramp up” tension in my body… slowly and steadily… until I get up to my SAFEST, greatest effort. (hence the face)

I’m trying to make every part of my body work so that nothing else moves when I do the targeted work for my hip.

Which is trying to “unrotate” my hip by pushing the ankle/shin/knee into the table.

So I make my entire body, and especially the deepest “hip stuff,” work as hard as possible – meaning SAFELY and under the threshold of pain.

This is how we indicate to our nervous system that it’s a “safe” position for us… by proving that we can actually create force with our body in the position it’s in.

(also one way you can make your passive yoga stretchy stuff more effective… actually do stuff with shit you’re stretching.)

After that 15-20 second PAILs contraction is over… I switch to a RAILs contraction. You might be able to guess what that is…

If PAILs is pushing the ankle, shin, knee down into the table via [mostly] “unrotation” of the hip… AND it’s about training the OPENING (stretched) angle.

RAILs is the opposite of all that. It hurts. It’s so hard.

I’ll explain tomorrow… and how to put the two together.


PS – did this make sense? I want to talk about some of this stuff in my book… because holy shit do i wish someone told me A LONG TIME AGO.

PPS – we do some light PAILs/RAILs work in the video of my class… but it’s NOT a mobility class. It’s just me showing how I introduce some of these FRC/mobility concepts into a vinyasish environment.

Feel free to reply to this email if you have questions. I try to reply to as many as I can… but I do read all of them – and they go straight to my personal Gmail account. 🙂

ugly. and plain.

another win for ugly ass emails.

Check this out… Shani Jones was the first person to join my band of hooligans. She was the first official member of what became Yoga Sex Rock God: Backstage Pass. AND she also helped me kick off #randomtalkingvideo by being the very first one I reposted.

I knew right away when I saw her RTV that SHE would be the one to help me bridge the idea for other people… I had been consistently making videos for weeks, but no one was doing it. I think they just needed to see someone other than my ass.

Anyway, Shani fucking rules. She’s teaches in Harrisburg, PA… below, you’ll find the copy from an email she sent to her list last night where she committed to sending daily emails through the end of the year. #EMAILS

Read it because it’s a damn good story, but also because I think it’s got that “bridge” quality that her RTV did… and that maybe it will help you see how you can do it (I made the part about me in purple because, well, MEEEEE.)

Oh, and she also went ahead and fucking created this audio recording of her READING IT. She’s making me look bad. 😒

Check it. I don’t give a fuck how long it is… THIS MY HOUSE.

I started my yoga career by writing a letter on my dad’s word processor and mailing it to everyone I knew.

That was like, 20 people.

It worked.

I picked up a private client.

I taught my first “corporate yoga” at an accountants office.
And started a small weekly group class 40 minutes from my apartment.

A few years later, email shifted into a primary form of communication. So I started collecting everyone’s address, subscribed to some online marketing software, and made fancy email newsletters to promote my yoga classes.

It worked.

I started getting requests to teach at wellness events.

I picked up more private clients and started teaching more group classes.

I traded services with yoga clients for photography and artwork and my newsletters got even fancier.

My classes got bigger.

And so did the internet.

A few years later, I created a website and a Facebook account.

I was relieved, those damn fancy newsletters were taking me HOUUUUUUUUURS to complete.

The internet was fun! I started a blog.

Social media was fun! I made tons of connections and my classes were booming.

As was the entire yoga industry.
(but that’s a story for another time)

Everyone was creating websites.

Yoga studios start popping up and they were all creating websites and social media accounts.

And THEN, the yoga teacher training explosion occurred. And yep, they all created websites and social media accounts too. Yoga was exploding and my life started crumbling but no body really knew what was going on and how it was all effecting me.

A few years later, my life took drastic turns.

My email inbox turned into a hatemail box. Intentional insulting comments were being made about me on social media. It became a weapon that empowered numerous “yoga people” in Harrisburg to use against me.

I hated email and social media and the internet.

I was ashamed and embarrassed I started making really self-destructive choices.

I deleted 100’s of people. I deleted my blog. I delete my website.

I put as much privacy control on my social media accounts as I could. I would shut down my Facebook account for weeks at a time. And I pretty much STOPPED talking about yoga and just posted pictures of inspiring words.

A few years after that, a bunch of yahoos started running for president and I REALLY started disliking Facebook. I’d scroll Instagram for hours an look at all the pretty yoga pictures.

I was bitter and angry and filled with resentment.

But I didn’t stop paying attention to what was happening in the local community or the industry.
(that is also a story for another time)

Eventually, I hit rock bottom.

I decided to pull myself together and clean up my act.

I started exercising. I stopped drinking. I said NO to the things that didn’t make feel the way I wanted to feel. I was tired of hiding and I wanted more out my my career.

My husband and I began remodeling a space in our house for me to create a private studio.

During the construction phase, I asked him to take some new yoga pictures of me.

It was a huge a mind fuck when I saw them. I was fat.

And I could see the effects of years of depression and alcoholism in my eyes.

Over the summer, I spent hours and hours laboring over creating a website that turned out pretty crappy. And I made a silent personal challenge to post yoga videos every damn day on Instagram.

No one noticed my website but people DID notice my yoga videos.

I kept it up. I started gaining followers. I started getting messages from former yoga students.

And then this guy started appearing in my Instagram feed.

He was a yoga teacher and he was shattering every fucking illusion about being a yoga teacher that there is out there and I LOVED IT. I was an instant fan.

He started making these “random talking videos”. And he was encouraging other people to make them too.

The “rules” were as follows:

Look at the camera and talk about something random for a full sixty seconds. Don’t stage it and try do it in one take.

That’s it.

I was so intrigued.

I reached out to the guy in a DM and basically said, “I want to do this, but HOWWWWWWWWW?”

His response, “Just be you.”

Wait. What?

Just be me?

I’m a disaster.

I’ve hurt countless people and I’ve let countless people down.

He kept encouraging me: “Just be you. You’re going to be a hero.”
So I did it.

And then I talked to that guy on the phone, his name is Ryan Oricco.

He gave me some great advice and I knew he could help me get on track.

And then I gave him some money.

And I continued to make Random Talking Videos and everything started to change.

Ryan suggested I start sending emails again.

WHAT! E-mail!! That’s so 1990-something.

“Just do it!” he kept telling me.

“No fancy graphics, no fancy picture, no fancy newsletter. Just start sending emails again.”

So I did.

So I am.

It’s working.

My group class attendance has increased. I have gained several new private clients. I’ve created successful events at my private studio. I’m selling Witchy Goddess products. And my creativity level is through the roof.

Nothing can kill my vibe right now.

I’ve decided to amp it up.

I am committing to sending an email every day until the end of the year.


I’m ready to share my stories with you (like the one from a former yoga teacher friend who sent ME a super snarky email as I was composing this one NOT KIDDING.)

So again, if you don’t want to know about what I have been doing for the last 7 years, my yoga stories, my private studio: Ground, the Witchy Goddess Way, or Ground Sound & Media you should unsubscribe immediately because it’s all about to get really REAL.


Shit’s so good.

You should try it too. Send an email every til the end of the year.

It’s good times. You’ll sell your shit for sure.


PS – you know damn well you should have already pre-ordered my book for $5.

shoulder extension and FAME

This video is getting more plays than usual for me… which doesn’t mean much in and of itself – as there are a whole lot of broke-ass people out there with millions of views on their YouTube videos.

But when you show a rapidly growing audience some good marketing, there might be something to it. ‍♂️

I was curious to see if I could get some new email registrations by teasing the video and doing the explanation here.

It worked. Here ya go:

Hunter is coaching, obviously.

We’re working on strengthening shoulder extension. But let’s not even talk about nerd shit.

We’re doing work with my arm behind my body… and we’re using the back of the shoulder ‘stuff’ to do it – not just stretching, or “opening,” the front of the shoulder.

We’re also not using gravity, or the assistance of some random fucking asshole, to get my arm into that position.

This guy is like a cartoon. An unskillful buffoon… listen to him. His mannerisms… the way he uses his own strength. He’s weird as fuck. ⠀ He told the guy to “work with me.” Cuz it’s his fault… what a fucking joke. How has he made it to the top of the yoga mountain? How is he still in business? ⠀ How is someone calling him “one of the most respectable” fucking anything? ⠀ Probably because everyone is too scared of the Ashtanga Police to speak up. Hopefully not for long though… I mean, look at them run like fucking roaches when the light comes on. ⠀ #timji #ryanji 〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️ ⠀ @hennyyoga This is how one of the most respectable #ashtangayoga teacher, Tim Miller, assisted in this pose, #prasaritapadottanasanac , Wide-Legged Forward Bend with hands interlaced behind back.!! 💪🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Ohhh how I missed this workshop, was such a great experience. Will do it again! @mariazavalayoga @americagathers@peacefulmedusayoga . Let's go see him soon!! @ashtanga_yoga_center .
#timmilleryoga #ashtangayogaworkshop#yogaassist #wideleggedfowardfold #ojai#yogateachers #teachertraining#ashtangafamily #ashtangaforlife

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I’m using my own strength to control as much of the range of motion as possible… and signaling to my nervous system that “we good bruh. See? even when my arm is back here, I can still protect myself.”

And as a bonus thought experiment – If you can imagine my elbow being bent, so my arm is like a 90′ chaturanga/push-up elbow.

I can’t get my *upper-arm* into that “chaturanga” position without overextending my back… and without my shoulder blades tipping forward…

WTF do you think will happen when I put all of my weight on my wrists and shoulders… and try to lower myself into the position.

The shoulders can either do it or they can’t… using gravity and yoga alignment tricks to fake it might not be the best idea, ya know?

And who knows… maybe you could start doing Chaturanga 2.0. AKA a PUSHUP – where you lower down as much as you want and your elbows can do what you want because your shoulder is just fucking bulletproof.

Because you’ve prepared for it.

Yoga is weird. Alignment is bullshit. And so are “shoulder openers.”


PS – I haven’t been talking about the Yoga Sex Rock God Marketing & Mind Control event because it’s nearly full. I haven’t even officially started selling tickets… they were all friendly pre-sales.

There’s a waiting list for the rest, but I think I’m going to do short phone interviews for the rest of the spots… last thing I want to do now is spoil the group with some shitty rando.

Let me know if you’re into it and we can set up a time to chat… (it’s February 3rd in LA. And it’s not cheap.)

I want to do a live event in January in LA. About influence. And persuasion. And mind control. And manipulation. And deception. And helping people. And momentum. And social proof. And leadership. And money. And stories. And drama. And self-aggrandizement. And “being the change.” And transformation. And sex appeal. And conversation. And power. And self-limits. And perception. And reputation. And rebellion. And speed. And self-esteem. And selling. And seduction. And confidence. And swag. And #randomtalkingvideo. And voodoo email & social marketing. And yoga. And mobility. ⠀ I’m not sure where yet, but I think January 27th Or February 3rd. I want to do something weird for sure… not in a traditional venue. It’ll be like 4-6 hours. And then we’ll go for a hike or to @true_food_kitchen and talk about it. ⠀ You’ll leave with things you can use. ⠀ It won’t be for a lot of people. About half the spots are claimed already… Email me if you want to come.

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daddy’s taking the day off

ok not really. but I did definitely just call myself “daddy,” and I am absolutely republishing my homegirl Veazey’s email rather than write a whole new freshie…

she’s one of the founding members of the Yoga Sex Rock God Backstage Pass group – and she’s been straight killing it.

Check this shit out… and take a wild guess who she’s talking about. ‍♂️

“some people have a knack for encouraging, inspiring and uplifting others, but some people can actually EMPOWER you to think for yourself, to strive for greatness, and to be the biggest, most purposeful presence you can be.

it’s hard and scary to follow dreams that tend to pay more in love than in currency but this choice has led me on a path of wholehearted gratitude, which is utterly priceless. but now that i’m here, financial success is mandatory for continuing on this path. i need to feel taken care of by all that i choose to give.

i met this man who empowers me to make the most of all that i have to give. he has revealed to me how much i have to share that is worth paying for. he isn’t cuddly, and he doesn’t hold my hand, he is fiercely independent, confident (cocky even), and as straight forward as they come. he’s compassionate without the sweetness. he’s creative and forthcoming with help and direction while simultaneously manipulative and sly.

he makes an impact on the world by unearthing the foolish things, people have grown to love and to accept. he pushes the flow of energy around by getting in people’s way, and making them choose to either confront him head on or to put their head down and go around. he adds greater contrasts to the crests and troughs of the waves passing by, kind of like the pull of the moon but WAY less elegant and graceful.

because he exists, because he empowers me, i am writing this right now. because of him i have written the last three days and had people respond telling me that my words had an impact on them. i choose to mindfully make my impact on this world but with this empowering force behind me, i’m now making bigger waves, standing in peoples way, and adding contrast to the crests and troughs of the flow on Earth.”

to see yourself more clearly, you need someone to show you YOU. it’s all well and good to be an inspiring person who helps people, but why not strive to be a person with greater impact on the flow that’s passing by. why not stand in people’s way to make them have to lift their head up and empower them to think about how to proceed forward? it all starts by choosing to be impactful over choosing to go with the flow. neither is wrong or right, one just makes bigger waves.

That shit gets me fucking charged up. (the entire email is here.)

But yeah… just showing off my friend’s work. And bragging a little. ‍♂️

Thanks for reading. Have a chill rest of your weekend.


PS – you should probably be sharing more things that people have said about you. Good and bad. People like to know what other people think of you. (they kinda *need* to know, really)

what to do about yoga teacher training

I get a question like this damn near every day…

Okay so I have a question….first of all, I LOVE what you’re doing. I think you’re filling a much-needed gap in the yoga community.

I’ve been geeking out over FRC, yoga, and movement in general for about a year. Prior to that, I was just a powerlifter and didn’t know how to move very well. So I’ve just really loved the process of learning movement. I’m currently a personal trainer, but I find the “help me lose weight and look better” narrative to be really unsatisfying and I really don’t enjoy “personal training” at all.

I want to help people move better and feel better, so teaching yoga plus FRC kinda like you’re doing, really interests me. But since you say that YTT is total crap, what route should I take to get educated?

Definitely becoming an FRC provider is important- but what about being able to teach in a yoga studio, and learning about how to teach a yoga class in general?

Don’t most studios want someone who’s had YTT? And just general things like how to structure a yoga class, the names of asanas, things like that lol.

I just want to have a really good education and be able to teach this stuff and help people the right way.


I wish I knew what to tell you. (but maybe someone else who’s reading this email does‍♂️)

I’ve realized that what I enjoy doing most is making noise, getting attention, and putting the right people in the room. And that’s what I’m trying to do right now for yoga… so when you ask me this question again in 6 months, I hope to have a better answer.

But this is all I got for now:

I know there are some great Teacher Training programs out there.

(in fact, Cecily from Yoga Detour just told me that someone just dropped out of her sold-out 2018 TT. If you are (or can be) in Toronto one weekend every month, you should do this.)

And you’re right. FRC is definitely a great investment and it will change the way you view everything… but it’s not really going to answer your questions and make you a great yoga teacher automatically. For people who are already teaching yoga, it’s just going to fuck you up and create more questions.

But yes… I would recommend you NOT take pretty much every damn Teacher Training I’ve ever heard of… unless, they explicitly say “Our material on poses and mobilizing the body is probably dated and you shouldn’t really listen to us, but we’ll teach you anyways.” (because the rest of their material might actually be good)

But, just to leave you with something… if I were you, here’s what I would do in the meantime… especially if I wanted to teach at a studio:

  1. Find the teachers in your area who are teaching smart yoga. Whether they’re FRC informed… or maybe they teach Kinstretch.. or other mobility classes. Maybe they teach weekend workshops.
  2. Show up to their stuff and buy their shit. Learn from them.
  3. Read books like this.
  4. Talk about teaching online. Share your ideas. Share ideas from teachers you respect. Align yourself with them. Build a platform.
  5. Use your platform as leverage to get what you want… including teaching gigs.

That’s basically what I did. And what I’m doing.

Now I just know how to do it faster and better. That’s what the Yoga Sex Rock God Marketing & Mind Control event is for.


PS – if you’re curious about what my vinyasish yoga class looks like. It’s yoga + FRC + me being awkward. But it looks and sounds good. And my jokes are pretty legit.

I could paste a bunch of testimonials from people who fucking love it here.. but I don’t feel like it. Just trust me.. buy the shit, if you don’t like it, just respond to this email and say “dude. really?” and i’ll send you your money back. (not a single person has done this, but hey.. maybe you’ll be the first.)

the magical email

On January 8th, 2014, I taught the first iteration of what became my Burn Yoga class.

It was a Wednesday. Originally, it was only on the schedule for that one morning. The studio hadn’t been open before 8AM for many years, so I wasn’t even sure a 6AM class would work… the word on the street was that early-morning yoga just didn’t work in West LA.

I promoted the shit out of it for a few weeks prior.. (you can actually scroll back on my FB page and see the original promos)

It was free. But you had to give me your email address.

25 people showed up. More than had been to any of the random afternoon classes I was teaching before. Here’s the pic I posted that morning.

Immediately after class, I went downstairs to Starbucks and sent every single person an email. Individually… from my gmail.

I believe this email was at least 60% responsible for me turning that class into the powerhouse that it was.

It was fucking genius.


Subj: class this morning

hey {first_name}
Just wanted to say thanks for being there this morning…

And see what you thought.

Hope you had fun. 🙂


PS – if we do it again on Friday, would you wanna come?

They did want to do it again on Friday.

Then I sent a similar email after class on Friday and asked if they’d want to come on Monday.

They did.

I continued to teach the class for “free” for the entire month of January.

“Free” because their email addresses were more important to me than money at that point.

I wanted to be able to communicate with these people so I can schmooze between classes… this was how I was going to prepare them for when I pitched my BurnPass membership come February.

Can’t even tell how many dozens of emails I got back like “OMG! Did you really send this just to me?! AMAZING!”

I’m gonna talk a lot about this at my Yoga Sex Rock God Mind Control event in February… can’t fucking wait.

But seriously, even if you don’t teach yoga.. have you ever sent someone a short, friendly email after they experienced your stuff… just to check in and see what they thought?

It works.


PS – the video of my current burn yoga(+frc) class is $20. snag it here if you haven’t already.