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I feel mad when you talk

This is definitely one of my all-time favorite DM’s. I love it so much. I got it from a woman named Willow last night.

I figured it was better to express my struggle and see your response before I decide rather than just not doing it and saying nothing at all because of assumptions of who I think you are based on my own biased perceptions. I don’t think you’re completely horrible. I just disagree with some of your ways of engaging with people and implementing change. I feel it comes from ego and ignorance. Supporting exclusion and hierarchy rather than love and that bothers me. I really hope I’m wrong though.


The comments coming in on the repost are money too.

@dk_movement Fascinating

@themindbodypt Baller. To know you are going to get railed, and still be unable to resist just the tip.

@dannymovement So much this. It’s weird and mind-blowing, but I’m into it

@willowtreeyogi damn it! I’m in the vortex! It’s so strong and warm in here!!

@willowtreeyogi And you win @ryanorrico , YMTDS is good stuff. Thank you. And, What is the struggle we are having? Is it just the discomfort of re and de conditioning and re shaping from the boxes we’ve crammed ourselves in? Is it trust? Gah it’s so discombobulating! I’m just telling myself shhhhh… just go with it and see what it does. If it’s shit, call it out as such and burn it down. If it’s awesome, light it up it…and pass it around to see who else wants this ❤

But yes. Her initial reaction is quite common.

And really, even though we DM’d back and forth for a few and she bought YMTDS – as a general practice… confusing people is probably not the best business & marketing strategy.

But it’s more important to me that I make people think… even though it’s an insurmountable barrier to entry for most people.

It’s also important to me that I’m repulsive as fuck to the people I don’t want close to me.

That’s what makes me magnetic to the people that I DO.



PS – I’m going to train with Hunter in a few and then I’m working on the landing page for The Rabbit Hole. Soon as I publish it, the price will be up. Dunno how much yet. That could be today.. could be tomorrow. Could be Sunday. 🤷🏻‍♂️

So if you want it for $50, get it here.

It’s also included with the full $200 Yoga Marketing That Doesn’t Suck package… (best deal fasho. so if you were on the fence, do it.)

I’m going to do it live/streaming in a few weeks… and then give you everything to download after. But that’s all I’m going to say until the page is up.

(there’s some teaser stuff on my Insta though)