in 30 Days of These Fucking Emails, Yoga Sex Rock God

LOVE this dude 😍

I moved from Chicago to LA in 2009 to work with a personal trainer named Valerie Waters. About six months prior, she sent me a private message on Twitter about a tweet I’d made about internet marketing.

I remember sitting in Borders Books and txting all of my employees like “holy shit! Valerie Waters just messaged me!”

I knew who she was because we used her product in my gym (the Valslide) and she was widely known for having worked with people like Cindy Crawford, and Jessica Biel, and Bradley Cooper, and Ben Affleck, and Jennifer Garner.

Badabing badaboom, I spent next 5-6 years doing all of her marketing, and product launches, and web development (I actually built the Valslide site I linked to above), and video, and social media, and all this stuff that I do for myself, and clients, now.

In the Summer of 2009, she brought me to Jennifer Garner’s birthday party – it was a private thing at this new compound she bought in the Pacific Palisades… the place is just absolutely ridiculous.

Lots of cool things happened that day, but here’s one I’m pretty fucking proud of:

It was outside. And it was hot as hell. The sun was straight-up punishing.

Larry David was there.

I’m straight obsessed with that dude, so I was totally watching him from a distance like a creeper. 🌾👀🌾

He kept applying this fluorescent purple cream to his face – which eventually, I realized was sunscreen.

I already don’t like going to parties with a bunch of people I don’t know, but I had never experienced anything like this, and I was completely out of my element… I was just a fucking ball of anxiety.

But I knew I probably wouldn’t get another chance to talk to Larry David, so I had to take it. He was just standing around by himself a lot of the time.

Eventually, I worked up the nerve to say something to him, but nothing really came to me on my walk across the yard. So while his face was a bright purple from a fresh coat of super sunscreen, I walked up and mimed the sunscreen application like “dude you’re fuckin killing me with that shit. it’s so purple”

He kinda chuckled and said “are you kidding me? it’s ridiculous out here.”

I would normally fuck this moment up, but I came back with “shit man you don’t have to tell me, guys like us.. these faces are all we have.”

He totally HA’d! Like a legit, real laugh.

I made Larry David laugh.

We talked about his show for a few minutes, then he started asking about golf, and I had never regretted not learning to play more than that moment.

I flubbed my way through for another minute or two, then excused myself… figuring I’d rather be the one to do it, and not have him get annoyed by some random dude who stuck around too long.

Anyway… that was pretty sweet. And he was super cool… I’m sure he could tell I was totally intimidated, but he couldn’t have been more kind and inviting.

On my way out, we walked past him.. and he said: “hey see ya later Ryan!”

It was fucking cool.


PS – I have an idea. This is Day 27 of #30daysofthesefuckingemails.

3 days left… I’m gonna keep going, but I want to try a new experiment:

I’m going to write a book this month, from scratch, and publish it on January 1st. It will be short, it will be funny as all fuck, and I’ll teach you some cool shit about life, marketing, yoga, seduction, and mobility.

And I’m going to use the focus of the book to shape the email conversation I’m having with you in December.

It’s $5 if you pre-order it now… or, ya know, if you just wanna support the cause because you know YOU LOVE THESE GOD DAMN EMAILS. Do it.

👉🏼👉🏼 Go here. There’s no info on the site yet… so that’s just a checkout form. You’ll just have to trust that you $5 is gonna get you the best damn (e)book in the world.

I might call it “Becoming the Yoga Sex Rock God” or “Carnage and Broken Hearts”

PPS – if you do it today, I’ll tell you one of the secret reasons I’m doing it. (this little bit of info is worth way more than $5. if you do it too.)