you’re the fucking best

But you sure as hell ain’t acting like it. I mean, are you OK? I just thought I’d check in to make sure.

Where the certainty? where’s the god damn conviction?

I know it’s hard. It’s one of the hardest things to do, really.

… to stand behind your ideas and recommendations and advice ALL THE FUCKING WAY.

… to not allow ANY wiggle room.

No “it depends.”

No “well maybe, but this or that.”

They tell you what their problem is. You give them a prescription.

That’s it.

There’s no fucking proposals. There’s no fucking options. There’s no IF, THEN.

They either do it the fucking way you said it, or they’re not going to get what they want.

There are no other ways.

Even if there were other ways, they don’t work as good as yours, god dammit.

(this is assuming you want to maximize your influence so that you can help more people. More. There is no other way to operate.)

Crushing. Fucking. Certainty.

This is binary, black and fucking white, so I don’t need to hear back about it.

The only reason you wouldn’t be absolutely certain in your recommendations is to protect yourself later when someone says it didn’t work.

That way, you have an out:  “well, I said ‘it depends,’ didn’t I?’”

Weak. As. Fuck.

Your fucking advice has the same damn chance of working whether you were certain in your delivery or not.

Really, saying the same shit with more certainty will lead to even greater results BECAUSE you were certain.

Obviously, I don’t need to tell you that this is only good if you’re giving people the best fucking recommendation you can give them. And you’re genuinely want to help them.

And ya know, don’t be a dick.

Your certainty will help them believe. And they’ll do more of the homework. With more conviction. Thereby increasing their chances of succeedin

So stop being all fucking wishy-washy. Be certain.

You know what the fuck you’re talking about. And you know whatever advice or service you’re giving to your peeps is wayyyy better than all the other horse shit out there.

If they go somewhere else, it’s just not the best.

It may be cheaper. It may be more convenient. Hell, those other dicks might even have more letters after their name.

But they ain’t the best, baby,

And I’ll tell you this:  if you’re not certain that you’re 100% right, as soon as they meet someone who is – that’s who’s going to replace you as their new. It’s New Espi. FOR SURE.

Just sayin.

NOTE: I’m NOT saying that you shouldn’t ALWAYS BE TRYING TO PROVE YOURSELF WRONG. Always look for better ways. Always get better. Always study. Always be open to changing your mind. Never fucking stop.

Just present your new findings with the same certainty, and everyone will love you. You don’t have to fucking be right all the time. You just have to really care and really, really want them to succeed.


PS – this is Day 7 of #30daysofthesefuckingemails. There’s a bunch more on… and it’s cool to see a bunch more people doing this along with me now too.

Try this shit. Doesn’t matter how many people are on your list. Just commit to writing and sending an email every day for 30 days.

Sound stupid? Shit will change your life. Just like every other god damn thing I tell you to do will.

PPS – we’re approaching the final chapters of Rabbit Hole. It’s closed, but if you ask nice and convince Kassidy, she might let you in. I recently refunded some dude for being an asshole. You can have his spot. Email her and tell her why you wanna do it:

this is must read

this is some seriously excellent shit.

I didn’t write it. This copywriter dude I pay attention to, Colin Theriot, did. He riffed on this dude’s quote. It’s fantastic.

“Someone gave me a piece of advice once, my first manager Lucien Hold. He said, ‘If you do stand-up about your own life, no one can steal it.’ I always thought that was the best piece of advice.” – Mike Birbiglia

Here is a neat trick to turn practically any piece of information into a unique, branded message when you share it with your audience.

Take the information you want to convey, and instead of telling it directly, weave it into a story about yourself.

How have you applied that information in your life? How did you learn it? Who from? How has it helped?

By wrapping a personal story around the make it entertaining, and easier to recall, and more likely to be absorbed…

But you also tell a story about yourself. Vanity aside, stories about you are how your audience comes to know you. It’s how you create the illusion that they really do know you – your values, your struggles, your actual life.

And it makes a unique delivery system for that information. It makes it so no one can deliver the same info in the same way. You’ve given it a fingerprint. You’ve put your mark on it.

And hopefully, you’re forever tied to that idea. Remembering the thought later on, your follower remembers you, as well. Warmly.

For an example of how easy this is to do, consider the quote from today. What Mike’s agent told him is a decent piece of information. But if you told that to someone by itself, it may not stick. It may not click. It may be forgotten or even disregarded.

But look at how Mike delivered that piece of information. It’s a quote from his agent, for which he is grateful. Delivering it this way tells you so many things about Mike Birbiglia, subtly – but you pick up on it.

1. It’s his first agent, not his current agent, so he’s been a comedian for a while.

2. He is humble enough to take advice.

3. He is grateful for this early mentoring, making him a figure who grows and evolves in his profession.

4. It’s presumed Mike follows this advice.

5. You pick up that having your material stolen is a concern.

And probably more.

I just love that it’s a self proving example. Rather than simply dispensing advice, the presentation instead dispenses the advice AND conveys a surprising amount of information about the person presenting the advice.

Information that, in this case, positions the presenter as a more favorable, relatable, and knowable person.

That builds familiarity.

Familiarity breeds trust.

Trust eventually can become profit.

-Colin Theriot

Hell yeah.

This is why I don’t worry about anyone stealing my shit.

They can’t. 😏


PS – day 6 of #30daysofthesefuckingemails… there’s a bunch of my past emails on

you ever get an email like this?

this is some funny shit. it’s a response one of my readers got from someone on her email list.

this woman went fucking all the way in. and I guess it’s not even the whole thing:

“Don’t drown your message in over-used words. If the message is there, then a plain, honest delivery will let it shine. Slang doesn’t mix well with gold, darling. By all means be who you are, but I’ve met you, and you are awesome without all that trash talk.  I’m daring you to say it in a better way. In a way that is appealing to everyone, not just the young and the angry. Yes, you are alienating some of us. Is that really what you want to do and is it really how you want to be seen?

I need to feel peaceful, enlightened and fulfilled after I read your email. That’s what I come to your studio for – rejuvenation and peace. To get away from the stress in my life. I don’t need more stress – I have enough. A difficult lesson can be shared peacefully. Examples can be found on many Buddhist websites, like Shambhala’s.

To be honest, I have come close to unsubscribing. I was so impressed with your studio, and later I heard good things about you and the way you teach, etc. and I was hoping for more in your emails. You aren’t perfect, ok, but none of us are. Please don’t try to impress me with your badness.”

I posted it on Insta, and there’s some funny shit in the comments, but my response would have been something like:

eat shit, lady. You’re fucking done in this town.


PS – unsubscribed you.

Or ‘ol trusty: “oh yeah?! YOUR MOM!”

The woman who sent it to me was filling me in on what she’s been doing – that she’s been emailing and receiving primarily amazing responses and feedback, but then she got this one from this asshole.

I asked her if I could share it with you because I think it’s helpful to see things like this ahead of time and keep our heads screwed on about how to respond. It’s like training to deal with rocks being thrown at you.

I know you’re already pretty good at dealing with it, but it can still throw us off our game.

It happens to me all the time.

I mean, if it’s useful to me to use that person’s message to clown them (anonymously or not), I’ll certainly do that.

But even then, it still can sting.

Especially when they use a lot of words and keep fucking banging on.

However, if you’re not getting this kind of push-back, you aren’t pushing nearly hard enough.

When someone is this set on stifling you, where they just can’t let it go and get on with their day…  Know this:  whatever set them off is the very thing that will bring someone else closer to you.

You have to be polarizing if you want to make maximum impact.

So it’s like “of course I’m trying to alienate you, ya fucking dummy! go do something.”


PS – this is Day 5 of Round 2 of #30daysofthesefucking emails. You can see my first round (and hundreds of others) on

PPS – got some new stuff cooking for inside and outside of Rabbit Hole. You’ll be hearing real soon.

almost didn’t send this

I gotta tell you, dude… I did not feel like sending this today.

I’ve been procrastinating on it all day long. Every part of me was screaming “fuck it, man! just send two tomorrow. it’ll be fine.”

But I said #30daysofthesefuckingemails.


So I’m doing the god damn thirty.

The same shit happened to me during the first round if #30DOTFE…  but I charged through it, and since then, my life has changed in more ways than I can even count.

The problem isn’t even the “sitting down and writing” part.

I do that every day.

It’s mostly that I never, ever want to disrespect you (or burn my audience) by sending some bullshit that doesn’t bite just to “get it out.”

That – and I also hold myself to unreasonably high standards.

But hey.

I said the shit so now I don’t have a choice.

As I’m writing this, I’m trying to remember that #30DOTFE is about execution and habits.

Not fucking results.

Hell, I’m not even selling anything right now anyway.

And it’s definitely not about being fucking Shakespeare. I’m not here to impress you with my whiz-bang writing chops.

If I execute, and I type the words as they sound in my head… and I don’t pander, and I don’t run from saying what wants to be said… I’m gonna take the god damn win.

I know the good shit is gonna come eventually. 

So I’m gonna keep on keepin’ on.

This is Day 4.

Tomorrow, I’m going to start reintegrating my writing into an actual routine… so I do the same things right before to get myself in the zone.

That shit is imperative for me to write stuff I’m truly happy with… and I haven’t been doing it.

It’ll come.


PS – there’s a ton of my emails (starting with the first round of #30daysofthesefuckingemails) on

PPS – also, you know who Kassidy is. I just wanted to send her some love and tell her that I’m very proud of her.

I’m obviously cool as fuck, but I’m definitely not easy to work with…  especially when I’m going through it.

She’s also got some heavy shit going on, and she just posted this video on Insta. Check it out. She’s a star.

For my sister [scroll left]☺️♥️ @karbearlovesyou @colbiecaillat #nevergonnaletyadown

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this sucked

announcing the RTV Challenge winners sucked. I hated that shit.

Not even gonna lie.

The challenge (and entire fucking RTV concept) is fucking brilliant and revolutionary.


But the choosing of winners thing wasn’t my favorite. Not for this.

Originally, Kassidy just suggested we do it randomly. Put everyone who competed’s name in a hat, mix them up, and choose.

But that shit just didn’t get me excited. 🤦🏻‍♂️

For some fucking reason. So here we are.

Uncomfortable as fuck on IG Live.

We had our eyes on the winners, for sure, but it was the confirmation we were getting when we asked others, again and again, that sealed the deal.

But I just take solace in knowing that if you completed the challenge, your prize was already delivered, baby.

Still, I can’t help but to imagine you out there like:



We did the announcement and award ceremony today on IG Live. It’ll be rebroadcasting for another few hours… just go to my Instagram and tap my profile photo.


btw, this is Day 1 of another round of #30daysofthesefuckingemails. 

If you dig/use/benefit-from my shit, share it with someone, yah? Just one person. Tell them to go sign up at And why. In your voice.


PS – I put a 5m video about the evolution of the RTV revolution on my IGTV. It’s lost footage from the first Rabbit Hole shoot. The one that I was convinced everything was shit.

It’s about #randomtalkingvideo. how it started, how to do it, etc.


hey, asshole. so I heard you’re “not inspired to send emails” or some shit? That why you haven’t been on it?

You didn’t actually use those words, did you?

“Not inspired?” cuz I will fucking leave right now I swear to fucking God. Holy fuck.

No? good.

What is it then? “writer’s block?”

You corny motherfucker.


Then what?

What the fuck are you even talking about?

Look at you – sitting there like a fucking goon, a block away from the god damn ocean – crying about your stupid fucking writing.

Just shut the fuck up and look around.


What the fuck is that you’re eating?

Fucking “ahi tuna and watermelon tostadas,” huh?


Oooohhh – La-di-fucking-da. Look out for this guy.

Who the fuck are you?

You ungrateful fuck.

Look at this asshole… all suffering’n shit cuz he “can’t write anything worth sending.”

Jesus Fuck! what are you drinking? That looks expensive. It’s some stupid fucking overpriced LA cocktail, right?

A “Poblano Escobar,” huh?

Just shut the fuck up.

You fuck.

Who do you think you are, anyway? Fucking Charles fucking Bukowski?

You fucking wish.

What the fuck are you worrying about?

Your shit is working, man.

Why you whining like a motherfucker who’s shit ain’t working then?

You can throw a rock one way and hit the sand.

And throw a rock the other way and hit your crib.

Motherfuckers are buying your shit every god damn day whether you send out emails or not.

You legit described this moment in one of your stupid fucking journals a few years ago.

Probably around New Year’s time too while you were writing your fucking resolutions, you god damn nerd.

So just shut the fuck up for a second.

You wanna write something worth sending, huh?

Don’t ever fucking forget:

What you feel, they feel.

So if you sit here and grind some shit out just to get it out, they’re gonna feel it and it ain’t gonna sing… and you ain’t gonna like it.

But if you fucking laugh and have fun and feel like Ryan while you’re writing it, they’re gonna have a good time and feel good when they’re reading it.

Whatever the fuck that Maya Angelou quote is about people don’t remember what you said but they remember how you made them feel.

That’s the game with your emails too.

The first thing that needs to happen is they need to feel good about reading those fucking things.

That is most important.

It’s more important than even trying to HELP THEM… because the fact is, if they’re not opening, reading and feeling – they ain’t gonna do a motherfucking thing with your shitty help.

You’re just another fucking distraction.

Write something that makes you laugh and shut the fuck up.


PS  – go check out my IGTV channel. (the icon is under my profile photo)

We’re gonna make the best god damn show to ever hit that fucking 3-day old network.

Imma try to get in early and show motherfuckers how it’s done.

(if you don’t know what it is… it’s like Instagram making their own YouTube… but with one key difference:

Vertical Videos.

Like, how you actually hold your phone.

It’s weird as shit.

But I’m gonna get in on this shit early and take a shot at the title.

Here’s one about how to make paragraphs on Instagram.

And here’s what happened when we tried to deposit Instagram followers at the bank.

PPS – I got a fucking shit ton of emails back about the two spots I was opening up for private consulting.

I should pretend like I found more spots to sell and make a bunch of money.

But I can’t do this shit with more than two people right now.

So yeah, no.

Oh, you don’t like marketing, huh?

poor fucking baby. then don’t pretend you actually give a fuck about anything. Cuz you don’t.

You just want the glory.

You just want to show up and do the thing.

You just want people to know that you can help them and that you’re smarter and better than those other fucking dipshits who are ripping them off.

But even if you’re one of those “yeah I don’t care about making money, and I don’t have anything to sell” people.


Invariably when some shit goes bad, people start asking for support.

They want people to support something that’s important to them without having done anything up front.

They post links to petitions and repost videos and ask people to call their representative or whatever the fuck.

I mean, of course, people SHOULD care about that thing… and maybe they do.

And maybe all you have to do is come out of nowhere with your little bullshit post and people will all of a sudden give a fuck [about anything except themselves.]

You know that shit ain’t gonna work.

If you want to really wake some motherfuckers up and get them to do something, you need to have already done the heavy lifting.

They need to already be fucking IN.

to you.

And whatever the fuck you think is worth it.

And really, is this concept mindblowing?

No, of course not.

Do stuff and help people before you ask for some shit.

Ooooohhhhh. “Watch out for this guy,” right?

But no one fucking does it.


Or when they do do it, they do it in a half-assed way.

They don’t do the thing hard part and show them that good-good.

They just teach some concepts, speak in abstraction, and try to feign “authenticity” sometimes.

Whatever man.

That shit is whack as fuck.

I don’t give a fuck if you’re not interested in “marketing.”


You don’t get to use that bullshit ass excuse and still pretend that you care as much as you say you do.


Because if you’re not doing that heavy lifting right now so that you can garner some real fucking support when you need it, you ain’t really about that shit at all.

Tell people what you’re really thinking.

Share your fuckups more.

Make them laugh.

Piss some people off.

Ask for the fucking money.

Make something and sell it.

Stop being a fucking punk.


Check my instagram cuz I killed it today.


PS – I ain’t got shit to sell you right now. Rabbit Hole is closed.

You fucked up by not joining when you had a chance. The shit is changing fucking lives like crazy. I was just trying to make it about “how to make money with a small social media audience,” and I’m out here looking like fucking Gezius, on the cross, looking shredded as fuck, with fucking LEGIT active shoulder flexion – dying for your sins ‘n shit.

But if you want a $5 video about how to make a simple ass video and sell it, i do have one of those.

PPS – Or I’m thinking about taking on 2 clients for some crazy shit. 1-on-1. It’s expensive.

good shit

On June 6th, the day the #RTVchallenge started, there were 7500 posts on the #randomtalkingvideo hashtag.

As of right now, there are 11,587.

And 3,736 on the #RTVchallenge tag.

So in just over a week, we generated nearly half of what it took nine months to create. (I started #randomtalkingvideo on October 15th, 2017. (although I had been making videos for few weeks prior to that under the tag #30daysofthesefuckingvideos)

The goal for the challenge was to get a bunch of new people to try it out – and as I learned when I used to run 2-week bootcamps for my Burn Yoga class… the best way to get people to try some new shit is with short end-to-end programs…  things with a start and end date.

It worked like a mf’er.

We’re definitely gonna do it again.

“It transcends Instagram. I’m finding myself being more real “IRL” too. Just hesitating less to say what I mean and saying it quicker. Realising when I’m holding back and letting that go.”
Risa Gabrielle

“I learned to be okay with being more vulnerable which created more confidence to share what I hold back from sharing sometimes. I also liked continuing to connect with those sharing their experiences and thoughts as well. Tons of growth for me!”
Kristi Taylor

“I learned that I’m not as significant or as insignificant as I thought….everyone’s out here together and there’s so much more connection than I expected. Plus, it’s fun!”
Love Yoga Studio

And check out what Kyle said:

“Imagine if we used social media to connect with others. Like reaaally connect and share, in real time. None of this “build a brand”/present your life through filters bullshit. Fuck that.

The community that has been built around #randomtalkingvideo is quite a spectacle. It’s so empowering to see people talking about their passions, their quirks, their mistakes and faults with pure awareness and acceptance” – @kylep16

I have dozens more of fucking glowing testimonials just like those.

If you want to get in on the action, you still have the rest of today to get your entries in.

Here are the prizes… and we’ll announce the winners later this week.


PS – Rabbit Hole is closed right now. I’m wayyyy behind on email, and I probably have 200 messages from people asking to get in … so if you’re waiting on a response – now you know.

We’ll let you know if we decide to re-open.


you scared

I’m just gonna take your ass to school quick.

You seem like you want to help people ‘n shit, but I dunno. 🤔 You’re still playing scared.

Check this shit out:

There’s a lot of fucking cool things about #randomtalkingvideo. But here’s one of my favorites.

It allows people to see subtle human shit that you can’t even explain or describe with words.

And a few things that you can kinda explain: the facial expressions. And tone of voice, and your eyes, and the way you recover from stumbles, etc.

That shit is super important to earn peoples trust. Those below-the-surface, unconscious, snap judgments.

Way more important than choosing the right fucking hashtags, or making sure the “algorithm” deems what you have to say to be important enough.

Some of those judgments will be positive and bring people closer…

And other people will react negatively.

They might give you shit – or, like, Unfollow you on fuckin’ Instagram (OOOH! Can’t have that now).

Especially when you do them with frequency and unapologetically.

(they might forgive if you explain yourself ’n shit 🙄 and post from your heels.)

But fuck those people, they’re not going to give you any money or actual support anyway.

If you can’t even post a god damn video of you talking for 60 seconds without upsetting them, what the fuck good are they to have around?

I mean, shit.

Even if they have given you money before.

Even if they’re god damn family.

I’m not saying they have to watch you and rah-rah, go {first_name} , go.

But if they leave because they didn’t like that you posted a video of you talking – holy shit, man.

Think about that for a second…

For you to do what you need to do to keep those people from running away (AKA NOT FUCKING SPEAK), you’ll be burning the people who really need to hear what you have to say.

So stop fucking around.

Make the god damn videos.

It’s ten days. You can do anything for ten days.

And there’s even an image you can repost to show your followers what you’re doing – if that makes you feel any better about the situation.

We’ll let you know about prizes soon.

This might be one.


PS – as the buzz around the #RTVchallenge has been building, more people have been asking me about Rabbit Hole.

It’s closed right now.

We were going to do it again right after this round.

But we changed our mind… we’re not going to do that. We’re not sure when were going to do it again – if at all.

So we are going to open it up for 24 hours next Monday… or until 20 more people sign-up. It won’t take long.

If you want us to let you know when that happens, get on the Waiting List here.


you gonna do this?

yo just real quick, i’m about to get on the road to head up to Sedona, AZ to finish Rabbit Hole with Kassidy…  (no, you can’t sign-up. it’s closed, but check the PS of this email.)

We were there a few weeks ago, and felt pretty good about the shit we got done, so we decided to go for Round Two.

But this email isn’t even about that.

I just wanted to make sure you know about the #randomtalkingvideo Challenge we’re doing starting on Wednesday.

I fucking hate Instagram challenges, but this one is gonna be the shit.

Obviously. It’s me at the helm.


I posted on Insta last night explaining how it works, and I got a few messages from non-native English speakers who were a little unsure about what a few things meant.

First thing I’d say is to fucking Google that shit.

But here’s a quick breakdown of the ones that might be confusing.

Day 1 (Wednesday, June 6th): My first ______. (A first anything. Just talk about your first job, first car, first RTV, first time getting stoned. Whatever. IDGAF.)

Day 2: Pet Peeve.  (something that annoys you.)

Day 3: a 60-second tutorial. (Teach people something rad in sixty seconds.)

Day 4: A favorite thing.

Day 5: “I’m bad at ________

Day 6: “I do ____ differently.”

Day 7: An unpopular opinion

Day 8: “I’m afraid of _______

Day 9: Do it in public.

Day 10 (Saturday, June 16th): Wake ’n Take. (do it as soon as you wake up before you have a chance to figure out what to say… just start the camera and freestyle for 60 seconds)

And if you’re unconvinced about the power of RTV:

“I hated RTVs and didn’t want to do them for the longest time but once I did, holy shit. Who would have thought filming and sharing a 60s video of myself waffling on could change so much? I’m stronger and firmer in my voice and what I want to share and what I don’t want to be or do. No longer so apologetic about who I am. Catalysing a process that was already happening, but now so much faster.” -Miriam

“although i started making #randomtalkingvideos in response to marketing advice, i’ve found them to be a brilliant tool for self development…

… they help with taking myself less seriously, give way less fucks about what people think about me, they get me more comfortable talking, and putting myself and my views out there.

they help me develop my voice, edit my thoughts, invite conversation. i can see and feel myself getting stronger.” -Anca

Just fucking do the god damn challenge.

Register at

The prizes are going to be legit. Not fucking leggings and a shitty Ebook like those lame-ass Insta challenges.

I’ll holler back when we get up to Sedona



PS – Yeah, Rabbit Hole is closed right nowWe were originally planning to just roll right into a second round, but we changed our mind…

We’re not sure when we’re going to to the next one… if at all. So if you want in on this action, you have one small window and it won’t be open long.

In about a week, we’re going to open registration for 24 hours… or until we get 20 registrations.

Thousands of people will know about it so it won’t take very long at all… we’re about to get into some super meaty stuff. So this is the time.

If I were you, I’d get in the FOMO Chamber of Doom and Despair immeJiately..