in 30 Days of These Fucking Emails, Yoga Sex Rock God

this is hard

doing whatever you do for money isn’t hard. teaching, coaching, training, whatever…

but you don’t really want to do the hard part though, do you?

this part.

the putting your ass on the line part.

the writing. the marketing. the content. the selling.

this shit is hard.

it’s painful every time I sit down to do what I’m doing right now… sending you a simple email.

It takes at least 20 minutes for me to not hate myself and everything I stand for.

I want the right words to come out immediately.

I want to know right away that you’re going to be spellbound and in love and clicking my links and buying my shit… or at least sending the “OMG U R SO AMAZING!” replies. (seriously)

But usually… it just fucking sucks for while.

and I start to question everything.

why i’m doing this at all…

why anyone listens to me..

how, after all this time, I could still suck so fucking bad at writing…

and then one sentence kinda works.

and then another one works a little better.

and then I remember how I can rework the piece of shit paragraph I started with into something nice.

and then I start to remember i’m actually really fucking good at this. and a whole bunch of people look forward to reading these things every day.

I mean, shit.. here’s a response I got to yesterday’s email… from the husband of the very first Backstage Pass member.

I do just want to take a second and pay you a little gratitude. You’ve helped ME achieve something I’ve been trying to do for years… have her re-realize that she’s the one in this area that fills empty yoga studios with people that love her classes like fat kids love cake. At first, I was like “WHO THE FUCK IS THIS CUNT YOU MET ON THE INTERNET AND GAVE $$$ TO?” but after listening to what you have to say and seeing first hand how that impacts tactics, action and morale of the business – I started to pay more than superficial attention – I got involved. Rapidly my opinion went from “you probably threw away that $$$” to “yeah maybe you’ll get your $$$ out of it” to “yeah maybe you already got your $$$ out of it” to “to “yeah it might just be worth more than you paid for it”

So thanks man – I genuinely appreciate you.

Hell yes.

This is actually the first time in a long time writing this email didn’t hurt so bad.

I just want you to know that this shit is really hard.

But it’s important.

It’s just as important as your teaching or coaching or training or whatever it is you do.

Anyone can do that shit. And you know it.

The hard part is getting out of your own fucking way so people can see how rad you are and that they should give you their money.

And then stay interested enough in you that they stick around for a while.

Hope this helped.

But I can’t really give a fuck if it did or not or I’ll be frozen and incapacitated.

This book will for sure help, though.


PS – I haven’t even made an “official announcement” of my February 3rd YSRG Marketing & Mind Control event and it’s already halfway full. Someone is flying across the fucking Atlantic Ocean to come hang out with me and others, from all over the country. Full-disclosure: I was just hoping I could get a few folks from LA.

And I haven’t even revealed the killer news about this day yet.

Pre-sale is over though…

So far it’s me, Hannah from UK, Hannah from NorCal, Ken from NJ, Cheree from Sacramento, Jeremiah from Chicago, Kimmie from Newport Beach, Hunter from Long Beach, Pam from Los Angeles, and Alex from Los Angeles…

There are 8 spots left. They will not last long. I’ll announce the ticket sale date soon.