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I get at least one or two messages every day from people asking about FRC.

First of all, I don’t make any money talking about it. I’m not affiliated with them in any way.. other than I’m certified in the system, I train with Hunter, and then I went to the Kinstretch seminar earlier this year.

Kinstretch is the “group version” of the FRC principles. (it’s ‘kinetic stretching’ rolled up into a sexy package)

But don’t go if you’re just looking to learn a bunch of cool new exercises. (you will learn some, but if that’s your reason for being there, it’s the wrong one)

Don’t go if you think you’re going to have all of your answers after you leave.

It left me fucking confused as hell.

I had never taught “dangerous” yoga because I’ve never been able to do any of that shit… so I think a lot of yoga teachers must have their whole god damn head blown off when they realize just what they’ve been doing to themselves and their students for the past 5, 10, 20 years.

But – even given that I wasn’t teaching extreme stuff, it still just makes you wonder what the point of it all really is.

Or, at least, what the point of a whole shitload of the most commonly done postures are.

But the “worst”/best part… is the most common-sense thing in the world:

Pre-requisite range-of-motion.

Quick example:

If you walk into a yoga class and you can’t already control your shoulder & scapula when you’re in a plank position (you probably can’t), you sure as fuck won’t be able to do it when your elbows are bent in chaturanga… of course you’re gonna mess your shit up. WTF did you think was gonna happen?

But even before we get to the shoulder… you’re probably don’t even have enough control of your wrists to be in chaturanga either. That’s why they hurt. And don’t even get me started on using the fucking wall as one of the first steps in a progression to a handstand.

Most people can’t even do a “handstand” lying on the god damn floor… so if you can’t create the position you’re asking your body to be in WITHOUT the chaos that comes with putting ALL OF YOUR WEIGHT onto your wrists… of course you’re going to mess your shit up. There is no other way that can go.

This applies up and down the body for basically every damn thing that happens in a yoga class.

If your spine doesn’t segment… what the fuck do you think is happening in all those upward facing dogs? You’re just moving and bending in the same spot you always move and bend in.

If your hip doesn’t work when your leg is straight so you have to hold it up with a strap… and you keep doing it again and again, WTF did you think was gonna happen? Of course you’re going to get hurt.

There are basic things that your body needs to be able to do before it can safely do the things you’re often asking it to do in yoga.. and in CrossFit, and at the gym, and while you run, and while you pedal, and while you walk, etc.

These things are what FRC addresses.

Can you actually control your joints in the positions your creating? Or are you just hanging on passive structures and borrowed time?

I dunno.

I’ll talk more about FRC in other emails.

But prerequisite ROM is a biggie. Definitely one of the common-sense mindblowers that the FRC system is built on… and you should go to a seminar. Just make sure they know I sent you. 🙂


PS – if you want to try my class.. it’s kinda how I’m fusing FRC principles into a “vinyasish” yoga environment. It’s not an FRC/Kinstretch mobility class, but it might give you some good ideas.

I have a video. It’s $20. (+ a late “penalty” donation of at least $1 for @luluslockerrescue. Or $3 or $5.)

You can venmo (ryanorrico) or (

PPS – today is Day 18 of #30daysofthesefuckingemails, but I also put the first seven up on Doing an experiment.